mardi 19 août 2014

Choosing A New York Theatre Workshop

By Deanne Shepard

New York NY is famous for many things and one of these is acting, most specifically on Broadway. Theatre is something that people go to New York to see. However you do not necessarily need to go there to watch theatre. With a New York theatre workshop you could also be part out of it!

If you are interested in acting then workshops are a great way to develop your skills. A well trained director will be able to guide you through the process. Furthermore this can also provide great inspiration if you want to perform your own amateur dramatics or want to further your own career.

A workshop can cover a number of different possible topics. It may look at certain types of acting. Using the example of method acting they may go into the origin of the craft. Furthermore they may show clips of actors such as Robert De Niro or Marlon Brando who were students of the Method approach.

There are many different aspects to acting on the stage. Some of it is practical such as making sure you stand in the right place and that you do not block people. While this may sound obvious it is surprising how difficult this can be once you are on stage and have to move about and interact with other people.

It can also help people to focus. Whether you are at school or work in an office the chances are you have to spend long periods of the day having to concentrate on what somebody says. Being able to learn how to focus in the moment and take direction can be vital in life.

There are also applications outside of acting and the theatre that you may not necessarily associate with drama. A good example is self confidence. For a lot of people self confidence can be an issue. This is especially the case with young children and teenagers. Acting lessons and workshops can be a great way of making people feel self confident while at the same time helping them to stay focused.

However there are also applications outside theatre and acting. They can help to boost self confidence. This is especially important for children and young adults as they can often have confidence issues. For adults there is also the additional benefit of improved communication, ideal for any companies looking for some form of team building exercise.

This is why it is often best to meet your teacher before you attend a class. Do not be afraid to ask questions as this will give you the opportunity to find out how many classes they are offering and what those classes will comprise of. What you need to consider is whether they cover what you want to know and whether they have the experience to deliver what you want. Use your regular search engine to find out more about workshops in the New York area.

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