mardi 12 août 2014

Schools With Art & Overcoming All Obstacles

By Paula Hess

There is a lot of information that can be given art campuses, which I do not think anyone will be able to argue against. To me, these schools understand how important it is for all types of media to be implemented and for the best quality of work to come about because of said media. Of course, with any form of art there are always going to be challenges to meet. What are some of the greatest challenges that should have attention drawn to them?

When it comes to any type of medium that campuses focused on art can support, one's eye for detail is essential. You may find yourself intrigued by ITT Technical Institute, which houses everything from game design to visual communications in general. Considering that there are ITT locations in almost 40 states, it's easy to see why it's so prominent. What if you are someone who is looking to recreate a landscape and has to make sure that every last detail is put down onto the canvas? As someone who isn't nearly as savvy in this field as others, it's easy for me to be left slack-jawed at the smaller intricacies that are brought to life. It's one of those instances that must be seen firsthand.

Maybe it is an issue of scaling that is the greatest challenge to you as a student. The aforementioned types of schools can tell you that the creation of an item is strong but the ability to recapture its size in such a way that it makes sense next to other elements that are drawn has to be considered. When you are trying to recreate a scene, you want to make sure that everything is in proportion. For example, a drawing in which someone's foot is the same size as an ant is not going to be acceptable.

What about the ideas that do not necessarily have anything to do with how projects are created? Criticism, for example, is part of many fields of work but I cannot help but think that artists are exposed to it the most. They may think that they have the best possible piece of work created but what if someone does not see the appeal in it? As long as that individual is able to provide fair critique, then the works that artists make in the future will be that much better.

It seems as though there are a number of roadblocks to consider with the work of any art schools, regardless of region. Students who are enrolled have to take it upon themselves to learn as much as possible, whether it's about scaling, accepting criticism, or what have you. Are students going to know everything right out of the gate? This is very unlikely but with the best schools put into place, certain flaws in terms of projects are going to be focused on and then perfected.

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