lundi 16 mars 2015

Benefits Of Hiring A Singing Coach Los Angeles

By Lena Stephenson

Whether naturally gifted or just trying singing, you need to learn and practice how to do it. A singing coach Los Angeles helps you understand this art and practice it on a daily basis. Just like swimmers must swim and athletes must run to keep practicing their skill, singers must also keep singing for the same reason. A voice coach teaches how to position your body, breathe better and hit notes well without damaging your voice.

Part of what a voice teacher teaches about is how to ensure constant and effective breathing as you sing. You cannot pause to breathe just anywhere in a song, you have to learn how and when to take the vital break. Proper breathing should be through the nose and out through both the nose and mouth. Most importantly, one should learn to breathe in from the lower lungs and relax shoulders.

As you sing, the movement of surrounding muscles and in fact, the whole body are affected. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain a correct posture. A good posture should relax supporting muscles such as neck and shoulders to prevent injuries or strain. Also, the feet should be wide apart and the head should be upright, looking straight ahead.

A tutor will also help you develop best practices for your singing hobby or career depending on your voice. One of the best practices that singers should stick to is warm up exercises. Just like for athletes where warm up exercises prepare them to run, in singers they prepare the voice muscles for action. In addition, warming up prevents strain and damage to vocal cords.

Another best kept secret is articulation or simply how you utter words as you sing. The words should be as clear as possible and diction perfect. The voice quality should not be compromised as you try to pronounce words. Also, when and how to breathe during certain syllables and notes is important as stopping to breathe anywhere affects logic. A qualified tutor is best suited to teach you all of these things.

Apart from articulation, singers must also be taught how to identify and perfect their ranges. Range is defined as the span between lowest and highest notes. Female and male singers have different high or low ranges. Male singers with low ranges are tenor while those with high ones are bass. For females, a low range is alto whereas a high range is a soprano.

Lastly, a tutor will teach you how to take care of your voice. It is like any other muscle that gets tired and therefore, requires plenty of rest. Also, if you have not sung for a while, it is good to keep warming up until your voice is ready. Straining is a sure recipe to damage your cords and therefore, should be avoided at all costs.

Lastly, practice singing on a daily basis is something even seasoned musicians do; it is part of their life. You may record yourself as you sing and play it back later to correct where you may have gone wrong. Doing it with friends may help as they give feedback, especially on the range and articulation.

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