lundi 9 mars 2015

The Highest-Rated Indie Theaters Los Angeles

By Leslie Ball

Indie films are usually also known as independent films. They are different from the typical Hollywood blockbusters and instead of seeking profit; they tend to seek cinema art. Moreover, their production is done by subsidiary studios of major films or studio systems of main films. They are of different genres such as drama, documentary, or romance, but all their production strategy diverts from that utilized in the typical film industry. Below, are some of the indie theaters Los Angeles for an irreplaceable experience.

Cinefamily Theatre in Fairfax Avenue is among these theaters. It was set up in 2007 with a main mission of fostering societally and community partnership amongst movie lovers. As years have passed, it has garnered a great reputation for offering more than what a theater offers due to the distinctive, odd and unique films it showcases. Its YouTube channel has many views and is loved by numerous people across the world. At times, they get to bring aboard celebrities who are booming in the movie, dance and music industry.

In Santa Monica, there is Nuart Theater that presents diverse movies. It is thirty years old and offers a great wide variety of movies including animations and dramas. The renovation was done on it in 2006, incorporated technology that made it up-to-date with the 21st century advancements. You will also find amenities like snack shops that also offers refreshments.

Arclight theaters, Sunset street, is another great theater that showcases unique programs alongside pop blockbusters. In incorporated the community's needs into the film industry by offering classics, exclusive content, limited releases, and specialty cinema. In the theater, filmmakers can engage with the guests in a Question and Answer forum.

In addition, it has retail sales, cafe and bar that complements your time at the theater. You can watch a diverse range of movies from the normal Hollywood ones to classics and many more. Moreover, Arclight theaters host twenty plus events showcased along with the benefit of having adult beverages.

In Las Palmas Avenue, there is Arena Cinema Hollywood, which is a unique type of Indie Theater. Independent filmmakers are encouraged to showcase their ideas and creations. More often than not, distributors are invited to both public and private displays. The filmmakers are always available after screening so as to answer all questions in informal surrounding. It has a smaller theater seating that accommodates smaller audiences. It creates a comfortable environment for watching films.

Crest Theater found in Westwood was set up in 1940. With renovations that have been done, it has managed to maintain its architecture. In 2010, it was chosen and set aside as a landmark in that good city. Additionally, it hosts red carpet premiers, parties, and burlesque shows. Couples who are looking for a great entertainment spot can also go the place.

Finally, the theaters that we have listed are just some of the many theaters the city has. They all possess unique characteristics that make them great entertainment spot, but all serve the same purpose of showcasing indie films.

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