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Details To Do With Novels About Americans In Mexican Prisons

By Lelia Hall

One of the most dreaded things in this world has to serve time in jail. This may be due to a wide range of crimes committed by the individual and depending on the severity of the crime; a sentence can extend for a period ranging from several months to a full life in jail. The trend of American citizens being held in Mexican prisons is rising and in connection to this, below is information concerning novels about Americans in Mexican prisons.

One of the most famous books is by a marine soldier who was taken to a Mexican prison after being found in the possession of a gun but however this was just a wrongful arrest. The disadvantage of this is that they did not even take time to look into the facts as to whether he was innocent or not, he was kept chained beside his bed for a period of almost five months which as he described were the darkest moments of his entire life.

Several writers emphasize the fact that at first in the prisons, although the conditions are tough, things gets a lot worse once the individuals in question are discovered to be of a foreign origin. They are hated for no apparent reasons and even individuals here go to the extent of denying them something to eat and in addition to that, they become common targets of the other inmates who often bully them.

Americans here experience a lot of sexual violations; they are often raped by their fellow inmates and sometimes soldiers and they are very helpless as they cannot defend themselves from the crazy crowds. This affects them at great depths in such a way that recovering from this becomes another big issue. The aftermath of this is the foreigners being killed and their bodies being dumped.

For some, the conditions here are so much for them that they view escape as the only way out of this. Taking into account the high electrified walls and the tight security that mans the area, one would be crazy to think of something such as this. However, there are those few who hatch very high profiled plans and with this they manage to get out of here though they will not live again were thy caught in the action.

In the various descriptions in different novels, the descriptions of these prisons are just amazing. Americans who have been unfortunate enough to serve time here say that in most of the cells, there are no windows; inmates are made to sleep on the concrete floor as no sort of bedding is provided and the situation is just pitiful. If one does not adjust with time, he may develop depression and this may be long term.

Through research from different experiences from various ex-inmates, testimonies have been made that the high rate of crime in these prisons is due to the prisoners being in a position to own weapons and money which they use to terrorize other inmates and pay off the soldiers in a bid to cover their tracks for the crimes they commit.

To sum up the above there has been a high rate of Americans being tortured in various prisons in Mexico. There are many soldiers who have lost their lives due to this. They should be saved by their governments who should take sure that no one of their citizens in contained in a foreign prison.

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