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What Different Partners Tell Each Other About The Reasons Why I Love You

By Lelia Hall

With the many senses and voices of affection in the air from different places, you should be careful not to fall in love with anyone without understanding. The affection you respond to is very crucial since it go all the way to your marriage life. This means that you should scrutinize whoever claims to be affectionate with you well to ensure that you get the right partner. Other than just giving you hundreds of reasons why I love you, you should try to find out if this is genuine or not before you accept the proposal.

Some of the reasons why many marriages are not working well while others are really admirable are what the two partners saw in each other during the proposal stage. You should be careful to ensure that you do not just look at the common features such as visible beauty when looking for a spouse to marry. You should go beyond and look at their virtues that your naked eyes cannot see.

There are many reasons why most people fall for each other, and some rushing into marriages. Integrity of the person is a major thing. Truth is that this is a key quality, but should be complemented by many others. It would be lovely to raise a family as parties who are of high integrity.

If you want to have a long lasting relationship or marriage, ensure that you look for a person who is committed. The best person to get married to is one who is serious about your lives and your marriage. They should be committed to fulfill all promises and any plans you have for your future. If a person is not committed, you should not be affectionate with them. You would not like to be involved with such people and live with them all your life.

Fidelity and honesty are also central factors in every given marriage. If there is one thing that demoralizes the spouses, it is infidelity for one of the spouses. This has actually led to divorce in many families across the globe. If any family has to stand the test of time, both parties have to commit themselves to loving each other in an undivided way.

There are some other people who get affectionate to persons who are optimistic. Optimism is something most people should have in life and helps them keep moving despite the challenges. When in a union with such a person, they never see defeat and so you can rest assured they will really be a pillar in any given marriage. They are always positive and ready to risk in decision making.

Every woman is attracted to a person who is calm and gentle to them. This gives them a feeling of affection, protection and a sense of being loved. They like people who can listen to them and accommodate their mistakes without fighting and having quarrels.

In conclusion, most people will consider intellectuals for partners. Much as the persons may appear loving, they should be intelligent and be in a position to exhibit high level of intelligence in the decision making and solving problems. They must also be ambitious persons with great plans for the future.

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