jeudi 12 mars 2015

Details Regarding Adam And Eve Pictures

By Eric Jimenez

People who associate with the Christian faith know the story in the Bible about Eve and Adam. This man and woman lived together in the Garden of Eden. Here they were surrounded by trees that bore fruit that they could eat. All of these trees could be taken from, except for the tree of good and evil that God told them not to eat from. There are no authentic Adam and Eve pictures. Instead, only depictions of these people in various books and pieces of art.

In this story, the two are in the garden when they are confronted by Satan. He tells them to eat from the forbidden tree because it will make them wise. Although they were told not to, Eve is first to eat from the tree and she convinces Adam to follow in suit. So, both took of the tree that God told them not to take from.

When God came back, the two hid because they had known they had been disobedient. They were sent out of the garden and told they could not live there anymore. Most of the pictures that show these two display them eating from the forbidden tree, dressing themselves in leaves to cover up their bodies, and other major parts of their story.

Over the thousands and thousands of years that this story has been told, people have come up with numerous pictorial depictions of these people. Often times how they appear in these images is relative to the cultural traits of the person who is rendering the imagery. This is also the case for depictions of Jesus. There is no single universal belief of what they looked like. Therefore, images will vary based on many different things.

Pictures might be found in literature, including children books or the Bible. These might also be done as artwork, in which case they might be seen in museums. Some people have this and other forms of Christian art as visual reminders of their faith and the Bible.

The artwork and books that feature these pictures may be available at many different stores. Cost for the visual depictions will differ. People are encouraged to search around until they find their favorite images. The might also attempt to create their own.

There were no cameras when this story took place. There was also no one else there to bear witness. For this reason, no person knows for certain what took place or what these two people looked like. All images are based on personal or popular perception of these two.

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