mardi 24 mars 2015

The Great Humorous Life Lessons

By Lelia Hall

There are many people living within society who never get a chance to laugh at the simple things which happen to them. These individuals need to realize that some humorous life lessons can be loads of fun and they will eventually educate an individual. One young woman living in Germany went through a great ordeal which made him a better human being in the long run.

She was currently working for a female employer but desperately wanted to work for a male. Even though she had been at this company for ten long years it seemed as though there was no advancement. This situation made her really hate other females and she wished that every other woman would just disappear.

She did not think much about her mother and she prayed that the old woman would die quickly. Luckily her mom did get cancer and managed to leave this planet in a short period of time. The young lass was happy that she could spend good quality time with her dear old dad after her female parent finally passed.

This older gentleman had really found happiness at last since he had been alone for such a long time. Even though his daughter was at his home each day of the week this sweet and kind man still needed a sexual partner. After meeting the new lady he decided to spend less and less time with his child.

His daughter was angry about her dad's decision and wanted to truly teach him and this new woman a good lesson. This was the final straw for her since she was always being nagged by women at work and was now facing a future step mother. One night she went over to her father's house to cook dinner but unfortunately his new girlfriend had already prepared him a good hot meal.

The elder gentleman tried to persuade his daughter to find a boyfriend since his life was now complete with his new lover. He did not want her to spend all of her spare time trying to please him. Even his new companion told the younger woman to get a life once and for all. These words did not make the younger female happy and she vowed to punish the senior couple.

She made it a point to visit her father late at night while him and his new woman were doing special things within the bedroom. The sad young lady would throw rocks at their bedroom window and even set off the sprinkler system in the yard. After the last event her future step mother came downstairs and confronted the disobedient women.

Unfortunately this angry young lass picked up a shovel and hit the older lady in the head. After this incident the older person was dead and gone. The police came and took the murderous young damsel away and now she is serving time in prison. The one bright spot in this entire ordeal was that the warden of this prison is a man. At long last she is now working for a male boss.

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