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An Article On Scary Voodoo Dolls

By Jordan Schmidt

Voodoo is often misunderstood by people and seen as evil magic with the help of media reports that define it as a ritual of murder. This practice can be used to yield both healing and harmful results in people thus having elements of both destruction and construction. It should be done with absolute caution bearing in mind that anything that you think or do will come back to you. Scary voodoo dolls are used by people to come up with beautiful and bad things.

The practice originated in the 16th century, when African slaves were relocated to Haiti which was ruled by Hindu and Islam religions at the time. The mixture of religions led to the development of voodoo which later came back to Africa more specifically in the west. In Gabon and Ghana, it is used to cure a number of diseases.

Making your own doll should not be difficult as there are a number of guidelines available online. The head is the first part to be made with a piece of yarn and a foam ball which acts as the foundation. The size should be selected and the yarn wrapped around the foam until it cannot be seen at all. The ends are then secured with a drop of glue or woven through the middle of the foam.

The second step is looping a section of yarn to a body of length several times. It is normally repeated once where one looped bit will be the left arm and leg while the other looped bit will be the right arm and leg. For a doll to look good, the head should be quite big compared to the body.

The body and the head are then joined by a string by wrapping them together. You are expected to start wrapping from the bottom going up in a coiling motion. The wrapping is required to be tight and the ends are to be secured with a drop of glue. After that, the head is looped with several strings and the wrapped pieces laid out as limbs.

You then need to wrap the under armpit down to your hips starting from the top to the bottom up to the torso then up again. The chubbier you want the doll to be, the more times you repeat this step. The last step involves gluing or sewing the eyes on. Buttons are the best option for nice eyes while some people use a number of beads.

Individuals use voodoo for a variety of reasons such luck, bringing misery to foes, love and many others. People who use this magic as perceived to stick pins on the doll in order to torment people who the doll is representing. This is not the case because the practice is more complicated as there are different emotion and feelings represented by different pins used.

Each pin has different colors that symbolize various things. You should meditate upon how you would want them to be affecting your life. After this is clear, the pin is stuck in the heart or stomach region which will support your desire and your intuition. You then wait and trust in your personal power that the universe will assist you in achieving what you want.

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