jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Holistic Healing And The Power Of Soul

By Dorthy Lloyd

When it comes to self-improvement, there are a number of ideologies based on current and future behaviors. For, while it has been stressed that mind over matter can help individuals through tough times in similar publications of the past. Now, it is believed that recognizing the power of soul is the key to such transformation.

The book, written by Dr. Sha, one of the leading authorities on the subject is only one of an entire series related to this type power. Through a series of lessons, it is believed individuals will learn a variety of practices, knowledge, inner secrets and wisdom that will help heal humanity as a whole. It is through the belief that all are connected, including souls, which leads the author to believe this to be case.

Books of this kind range from the power of positive thought, removing barriers related to personal finance to those which focus on self-healing. This particular book in Dr. Sha's series strictly focuses on repairing the spirits of those working through the series. These healing aspects being ones which go far beyond ideologies found in many other publications.

As the book offers insight into how the conscious transformation of humanity can enlighten all to reside in a place of peace, harmony and humanity, there have been a lot of positive reviews. Of course, unless one follows the practices and principles, it can often be hard to know if a process or system works as advertised.

As it is believed that all life is connected, the author also believes that there is an inherent directive given to each being at birth. It is believed this directive is housed in the soul or spirit at birth. After which, the individual must recognize the power within to heal and transform through manipulation of the soul through living in specific ways. These ways include operating in a method that is kind and beneficial to all those with whom one comes into contact.

A lot of information in this and other books in the series is quite believable regardless of religious belief. Although, for those whom do not believe in a soul, it can often be considered mere jargon that such healing is possible. Still, the author has found a number of successes which are clearly true through the many testimonials received over the course of the series.

The author empowers readers to apply these and other similar teachings in a way that can transform individuals from a place of darkness into a world of light. A result that comes from the idea that there is a divine direction for each human being during this 15,000 year old soul era which began on August 8, 2003. While the focus of a date and time span may seem beyond belief, there have been a number of positive testimonials by those who have read and worked through the entire series, including this book which relates to the soul rather than the physical aspects of the healing process.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to determine the best self-help guide, methods or options based on personal need. Although, as this series subscribes to the idea that all aspects of healing are possible through the healing of the soul of each individual, it is often most are willing to try. With that being said, while many have found success throughout the process, there are also those who seem to reject any aspect of self-improvement as mere psychological jargon.

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