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Ghostwriting Services For Novels And Memoirs

By Jordan Schmidt

Ever since books became more and more popular, the career of ghostwriters flourished. Ghostwriting services for novels and memoirs have been provided to many authors for many years already in order to make their lives easier and to make the publishing process faster. Now if one is interested in entering this kind of career, here is some very useful information about the job.

Before going to the services, one has to first know what exactly is a ghost writer and what do they do. Basically, they are writers hired by another writer or an author to do some writing work for him. This is done in order for the author to save more time and to not put so much effort into going to the details of his work of art or publication.

Now to start off, it is good to look at novels first because these are the publications that are more popular among readers. Firstly, these writers are hired by the author in order to edit the work of the author. While the other may come up with the drafts and the story line, the ghostwriters are the ones that would clean it up and make it readable for the audience.

Aside from doing the edits, they may also be paid to actually do most of the work in the novel. When one would say most of the work, he actually means that the ghostwriter will actually write the entire novel. The flow, outline, and story plot will just come from the author and the ghostwriter has to turn everything into words and make it attractive to the readers.

Now next will be the memoirs which entails a lot more work than working on a single novel. Now usually, ghostwriters are tasked to write, edit, and proofread the work that was given to them. Now for memoirs on the other hand, the ghostwriters not only must do the editing but they must also do the research that needs to be done for this type of publication.

Now what makes a memoir quite hard to do is that it needs a lot of research from the part of the ghostwriter. The writer is the one who will be conducting the research on behalf of the author and the author will use that research to come up with the outline. This research would include both primary research as well as secondary research.

Also just like in a novel, the ghostwriters will be the ones to clean up the entire content. As stated above, the author will most likely provide the draft or sometimes just the outline and the writing team will work from there. So as one can see, writing a memoir is definitely more difficult and more time consuming than writing a novel.

Of course there is the big question of how they will be credited. Well since they are ghostwriters, they will not be seen and known to the public. However, the great thing about their job is that they will get a standard fee for the job and the author will also sometimes offer a percentage of some of the royalties that he would get from his book.

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