mardi 28 juillet 2015

Tips In Having Better Audio For A Video Production

By Phyllis Schroeder

Digital recording equipment these days are getting more and more accurate when capturing audio. It is now possible to capture audio with crisp and vivid details. Of course, there are still distracting noises that get captured that might ruin the whole video production Edmonton. To save up wasting your films, here are some tips to have better audio.

First, pick a good microphone for the job. There are many types of mics being sold in the film production market these days. You must pick the ones that suit the filming. These mics should then be placed in proper spots where they effectively capture the audio you want. It can make a great difference with the result you desire.

Your shooting location is the place where you will be doing the filming and you have to choose it carefully. As much as possible, you should always scope out the location beforehand. This is so that you can avoid choosing those locations with a problematic audio environment. You must identify problem noise sources as well so that you can do something about them.

Shooting outdoors can be unavoidable too. Be sure to protect the microphone from harmful elements like rain and wind. For better audio, you have to protect your microphone from the wind. You can use a wind protection when you do not want any bad wind noises captured. You must protect your microphone properly.

Capturing the audio with a separate record is highly recommended too. There are cameras these days with automatic gain circuit which then maintains your input recording levels. However, even with that, the audio might not be as good. If you have a separate recorder, you can control levels yourself and obtain the results you desire.

You have to look for a dedicated audio software as well. The said software can actually come in handy. You should consider using the dedicated audio software when you are already editing your film. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the controls and functions of the said software to obtain better results.

For the audio software, it is necessary that you practice a lot with it. This is so that you can make smooth edits. If you are proficient with the smooth edits, then they will surely become virtually unnoticeable. These edits should be executed properly. You can do a good job at making smoother edits with the audio software when you practice a lot.

Some concepts must be familiarized in the said production. If you want to get better sounds, then you have to be aware of what concepts like mixing and EQ are. You must learn how to mix audio well since this takes more than just adjusting the volume levels. EQ will make the voices stand out as well as minimize the extra rumblings.

You have a number of secret weapons you can employ to get better sounds. If you remember what equipment you can use in the film, even when they are not used primarily for what you have in mind, you can surely get better sounds for the film. You must learn what equipment you can use as your secret weapon beforehand then. It should be worth it.

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