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How To Supply Drinks For A Party?

By Chris Carr

Supplying drinks for a party is a choice that only you are able to make. It may be that you are able to afford to do so and are quite happy to supply them. On the other hand there are many other people who choose to ask their guests to bring their own.

Our immediate question back to the friends, was well what type of party were they planning to hold, was it an engagement, weddings, birthday, or simply just several friends getting together for a few drinks?

The question of whether you should supply drinks for a party is really dependant on the particular party occasion. There are certain social occasions where drinks are supplied.

Milestone Birthdays - Generally, are catered for on some level. Perhaps wine and beer would be provided to a certain amount: For an 18th or 21 st. some Spirits and beer could be supplied. There is the option to have BYO or to have a bar tab to a limit that is affordable. A lot of these options would depend on the actual location of the intended party.

Engagements/Weddings - Again generally there is an expectation that it will be catered for with wine and beer package, sometime spirits in included but most often its acceptable to have people buy it at a bar.

If at a private venue then the amount of liquor supplied is well controlled. Young guests often favour a variety of mixed drinks, which are more easily kept in check at a private function.

Sometimes a gathering of a few good friends at an intimate dinner party is an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Usually at these events the host supplies the drinks to compliment the menu. Sometimes the guests are asked to bring a bottle of wine, or a guest may just present a bottle of wine to the host as a curtsey gesture.

Perhaps hosting a cocktail party may be an idea that appeals to you. If you have close friends of like minded activities to yourself, they may be interested in bringing a different bottle of spirits so that each guest has the opportunity to produce an exciting cocktail. If you are struggling for cocktail ideas, visit our drink recipe page, or buy a book on making amazing cocktails.

Drinking responsibly is most important for everybody. If you are the host then you have a certain responsibility to ensure your guests are safe and aren't in any danger of overindulging. While they are responsible for their own actions, you as a host have a duty of care to them.

Supplying drinks for a party really is a personal choice, so never be offended when invited to a party if your are asked to bring your own. Whatever the occasion, having a few drinks with good friends can be a most enjoyable event.

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