dimanche 2 août 2015

Classy Modern Art Through Reclaimed Wood Ideas

By Kathrine Franks

There are times that we really need to put decorations in our house to make it look lively and much more beautiful. With this, you may think of a lot of designs to start working on. If you want to go with a Mediterranean theme and eco friendly at the same time, you could use reclaimed wood arts to decorate in your home.

If you already have pictured out what things should you buy, then you are following the right road in pulling off that Mediterranean idea. There are a lot of modern art through reclaimed wood in all arts and furniture stores in the mall. But if you still cannot decide on what to have, below are some wooden ideas that you just might want to consider for your house redecoration.

Get those wooden boards. Though you often see sign boards being used in the front porch, you can have a sign board to be displayed in your wall. You can even hang the thing in your door knob to send a very valuable message to everyone outside, do not disturb. Also, if you are trying to emphasize your aquarium, you may use this sign board to indicate your fish area then add many other star or wooden fishes to emphasize a lot more.

Wall decor. There are so many wood wall decor available and there are so many styles that you can choose from all of it. There are the simple ones wherein small squared woods are equally shaped, stick together, and colored with different colors. With the colors, you can even choose those dark colored or those light colored to make the room lively.

There are also those simple ones with patterned designs. Some home owners who would just like to have the original color of the woods and there are those who also loved to have those pattern colors which looks so artistic at the same time. Some even love to have those rainbow colored designs because it makes them happy.

With the complicated ones, you will definitely be taken in wonderment. You cannot imagine that there are arts that are just made from old branches of trees which were all turned, twirled, and crunched under the other branches. That piece could now be your very classy living room and your dining area divider. There are some other designs which will make you want to fly or you want to climb just by glancing at it.

You could also get a wooden clock to match your decoration. There are those very luxurious ones that will really take you a back when you first glance to it. Others are just like the small circled ones which is good to emphasize the luxurious wooden art that you want your visitors to recognize.

Aside from having the clock, you can also match it with wooden framed mirror. There are designs of the frame that will make the entire piece look like a sun. There are also mirrors which are enclosed inside the wooden frame with curvacious design thus making an illusion of floating.

You could even change some of your home furnishings like the vase, small grandfather clock, or even your candle holder into the same thing but now using reclaimed wooden materials. Thus, this really sums up your grand redecoration.

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