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For Elegant Picture Frames Dublin Is The Way To Go

By Shawn Hunter

The edging added to pictures to protect, support, enhance, or make them easy to display are referred to as picture frames. Pictures may be in form of photographs taken by digital devices or paintings done by hand. When one needs some of the best picture frames Dublin Ireland offers some of the best options to consider.

Traditionally, wood has been the main material used in the construction of these products. Wood still dominates most products, but new materials are gaining popularity too. Examples of materials currently gaining popularity are bronze, silver, aluminum, and different types of plastics such as polystyrene. The new materials are being introduced because they can offer different levels of moldability, beauty, and durability among other properties. Wood may not have the properties in equal measure.

The products come in a wide range of colors. One can pick any color they want to match with a theme or decor in their home. Textures also vary with individual products. Gilding is a more common feature on older wooden products.

To protect pictures within a frame, acrylic glass or picture framing glass is used. Acrylate and Plexiglas are some of the examples of acrylic glass used. Panes are only useful if the artwork is not durable and can be damaged. Otherwise, they are not necessary. Panes protect artwork from damage making them durable, but they also keep them clean. Oil paintings are less covered by panes as are paper artworks.

Glass may only be used on paper artwork in cases where the price of the artwork is prohibitively high. It is also common for framing glass to be treated with anti-reflective coatings to make them almost invisible when placed under certain lighting conditions. UV light in rooms that are brightly lit may also damage artworks making it necessary for the framing glass to be incorporated with UV filtering properties.

There are many ways in which the back of the framed artwork is treated. Some among the commonly used materials are backing paper and foam-core boards, which provide support. The backing material also helps to keep insects and dust out. Dust particles can ruin the content of the structure while insects can chew on pictures or artworks. Backing materials vary in cost with some being very cheap while others are very expensive.

Most frames come with a rectangular or square shape. However, other common shapes are oval and circular. Oval, circles and other unusual shapes are commonly used in homes and social events. For public and commercial purposes, more conventional shapes like rectangular or square are used. Pictures placed around corners are installed in structures with a scoop design.

Picture frames also have several different styles. The L style is the commonest and easiest to construct. Photo cube is also gaining popularity. The design of photo cubes is special and they hold multiple pictures. The pictures placed in photo cubes are usually taken from a vacation, family moment, or timeline of events. Other styles include box and clip frames, digital photo frame, and shadow boxes. The latest invention of them all is the digital photo frame.

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