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Common Beliefs On The Usage Of Scary Voodoo Dolls

By Daphne Bowen

We are so blessed to be born in an era where getting relevant information that we can use is already easy. But for the past generations, this will require them some degree of long term waiting. Oral tradition is one of those things that are widely used in order to distribute information to different people. And since the exact words can be added and deducted after passing from one person to another, myths start to arise.

Different countries have their own set of myths and legends. From the origins of their place up to the history of locals, they have always been associated with legends and stories that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Same can be said with the ever popular scary voodoo dolls.

For fans of horror movies, you might be able to recall some of those you had seen which show how these items are used. Usually, they are associated with the practice of the occult. Have a look at the following story backgrounder that tells something about these mysterious things that have survived the test of times.

They can create curses to people. Witches are fictional characters. But in some ways, they have factual basis. In the past, people who resort to animal and even human sacrifices to call on their gods are considered as witches and wizards. They are treated as outcasts from the society because of their terrible practices. Voodoo dolls are said to be their creation. Using it, they can send out curses to people in the form of plague and diseases.

Facilitate healing. If there is a bad thing about it, then there is also this positive side that some believers consider. People in the past believe that the combination of the doll as well as the right chants can encourage healing. While there are testimonials associated with this practice, there wasnt any acceptable proof that proves it credibility, more so its veracity.

Soul transfer. Some call this reincarnation. Others term it as possession. Whatever is the case, this mechanism comes to life with the belief that dolls are capable of housing souls of any people.

Theyre used for killing people. Now before you walk out, lets once again clarify that this is just a myth. A doll cant kill you. But for entities who believe in supernatural stuff, these items can serve as your representation. For a clearer picture it goes like, when they stab the doll, they stab you.

Independent, supernatural life. Its creepy to think about dolls being used for witchcraft and all. But its even creepier if they are thought to have a life of their own, something which you are not in direct control of. According to some legends, they are entities who are capable of staying alive at night.

No matter how believable these stories may seem, its important to remember that they are all myths. Which means, there aren't any solid proof supporting those stories behind them. It can be entertaining to hear how different cultures portray this item. Just make sure you zap yourself back to reality when you find yourself believing it.

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