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Leaders Of Celebrity Makeup Fashion And Lifestyle

By Ruthie Livingston

Everyone loves a celebrity, even if minding their business means we get to take a little break from the daily goings-on of our own lives. Celebrities do indeed play a part in shaping the way our society works and celebrity makeup fashion and lifestyle have become a source of real interest for many. Through these avenues, we learn about new trends and get to jump on the bandwagon thanks to the example set by our favorites in Hollywood.

One of the top icons in Hollywood will always be Audrey Hepburn, who became truly recognized after her part in Breakfast At Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn exemplified class and sophistication with her style and also made the little black dress a staple item of the woman's wardrobe, even to this day. Around the world every fashion season, we can see nods to this fashion and style icon and her classy style.

Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest sex symbols of all time. She was known throughout Hollywood for her sex appeal and sass, and created a look for herself that is recognizable decades later. Pouty red lips and bold, dark eyelashes can always be attributed to her pinup girl style, but also the beauty spot, which many vixens today use in their makeup looks to emulate the siren.

Madonna even emulated Marilyn Monroe at the start of her career in the 80s. However, she became an icon in her own right by constantly changing her style, her hair and her overall look over the years to reflect her music and her moods. A pivotal moment in her career will forever be wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra during a performance, which has landed her in the fashion hall of fame.

Madonna's look has changed countless times as her music has developed. She is always reinventing herself, playing a sex symbol, a cowgirl, a rebel and also a goth, which can be seen in her Forzen era at the end of the nineties. This woman has had a huge influence on the music and entertainment industry in numerous ways.

One of the biggest icons of today is certainly Rihanna. This island girl began her career with not much of a heavy influence, mostly resembling an exotic-looking 'girl next door'. Over the years, she has changed her hair and her look numerous times to portray a variety of personas with her music. Rihanna's hair and makeup choices have been heavily influential in setting trends around the world for teens and young women.

Rihanna's personal life is also of much interest to the public, and not just her style. Her scandalous lifestyle generates a lot of attention, much akin to the female icons who preceded her. Rihanna has had her share of ups and downs throughout her career, both personally and professionally.

Truth be told, everyone finds some sort of comfort or escape in viewing celebrity lifestyles. First of all, it gives us a look into the ways of the rich and famous and gives us the chance to emulate some of the glamour and opulence we see. We copy their style, we adopt their workout and eating habits, and we even try to make our homes look like theirs. Public interest in celebrities will always be around.

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