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Knowing All The Creepy Dolls

By Daphne Bowen

Once in a lifetime each and every person will come across an item which looks or acts kind of weird. Many of these will be creepy dolls which are usually kept locked in the attic since children are afraid of them. They are even scarier when seen in the dark and seem more sinister. There was an item called Elmo Knows Your Name Doll and he struck terror in one family that was living within the United States. Chucky, Annabelle and others are also included on this horror list.

Robert Eugene Otto was the very proud owner of Robert the Doll and he owned this particular item until the day he died. Unfortunately this is one statue who wears an evil grin across his face and this look has made many people run away in fear. Robert was part of many spiritual and evil ceremonies in the past.

Unfortunately many people also heard this wooden puppet speak on many occasions and he can bring bad luck to anyone who laughs at him. Little children everywhere wanted to own the very popular Elmo Knows Your Name Doll. When this particular product first hit the market it was sold out in days.

During Christmas season quite a few people were disappointed when they could not purchase this Sesame Street character from their local store. A certain mother wishes that she had never laid eyes upon this creature since he often made threats towards her infant son.

People should always be careful about the products which they buy from eBay each and every year. There is one certain doll named Amelia who has been sold and resold on this particular website. She enjoys terrifying all of the individuals who are foolish enough to purchase her. People state that her eyes glow and she is also capable of waving, giggling and walking.

Hollywood made loads of money from a certain fictional character named Chucky back in the 80's. This was one scary fat and friendly statue who seemed to love all human beings everywhere. Unfortunately Chucky turned out to be a cold blooded killer who enjoyed doing brutal things to people. In the later films Chucky appeared to have changed drastically when he was melted in a fire. The Chucky statues in toy stores were very popular with old and young people.

Later on the toy companies decided to give Chucky a bride and they named this sweet little blonde Tiffany. At first she also appeared to be a nice character until evil took over her soul. Her appearance changed drastically over the years and now she looks quite horrible. Tiffany turned out to be a cold blooded killer even though she is a piece of plastic.

Finally the most horrifying statue ever made was named Annabelle and she was an object which was being controlled by a demon. Annabelle is now safely stored away at the Warren's museum but people still have to be careful around her. Bad luck has fallen onto many individuals who tap on her glass case.

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