dimanche 9 août 2015

Never Underestimate The Real Gothic Rag Doll Stories

By Phyllis Schroeder

Count all the instances that you have come across dolls. Surely, it is countless. Many little girls wanted to have one of them. There are even boys who loved to have them, too. They are one of the favorite toys of many kids around the world.

Some of these were the ones most girls play. It had been known as a little lass will have a Gothic rag doll. With the looks of it, it appears to be nice. It only represents a strange and odd design of a miniature human figure. Its use started as early as the times of Ancient Egypt.

You see, the dolls are a human like figure that are crafted as toys. Kids reenact their perceptions of how people communicate with each other. They treat their dolls as their playmates.

For sure, you already have heard about the tale of Annabelle in a form of a movie. It was a true story. It happened to a certain apartment where years before its construction, a girl named Annabelle was found dead. She had a doll beside. Nurses that saw such brought the doll and began calling it by the same name. It has been thought as possessed by the said girl.

Until one night, when Donna was not around, Lou and Angie stayed alone for the night. They heard weird noises in the room. He went bravely and suddenly felt that he has been attacked. He froze in great terror. To their bewilderment, scratch marks on his chest have been .

Until time would come, an alarm of such experience will attack you. There were marks of scratch that looks like claws. Then, started to ask for help from the priest. No changes have taken place. So, a decision was made, to bring it to an Occult Museum, where it will be kept. As they were about to go home, all of them met an accident after jokingly talking about it. However, the doll still exists even up to this day.

Another tale, the doll of Okiku which was named with the same name she has, it was given as a present from the elder brother. It has been her best friend ever since. It only began to cease when she died because of influenza. Her family placed it on the altar in commemorating the remembrance of the girl. But, to their great surprise, its hair started to grow. And, it never stopped ever since. The family decided to bring it to the temple so that it will be maintained to be groomed. Nobody can explain the mystery of it except in believing her spirit is in it.

Buck, a toy owned by Bert was his favorite. He played with it ever since but stopped when he began to be a grown up man. He has left it all alone. His eighteenth birthday was made spooky. It is because his old buddy reminded him of his existence as it fell down from the cabinet with legs upright. This happens every year as if it is attending his birthday. The reason why it lands in a standing position every time remained a puzzle left unsolved.

All these are true. But, not all dolls have something in it. Just be mindful about it. You might not know what kind of spirit has the control of it. In having one, pick wisely.

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