jeudi 14 janvier 2016

Discover Beauty In The Form Of Table Art Books With NY Travel Photographer Showing Famous Tourist Attractions

By Lance Thorington

Beautiful scenery exists from the United States, to China and to Africa. The Great Wall of China and the Empire State Building are two examples. In Africa, Victoria Falls is a magnificent sight to see. All of these may be appropriate scenes that a NY Travel Photographer might find interesting to put in a large coffee table book for publication.

The coffee table book is, as the name implies, a large-size, hardcover book filled with interesting pictures, usually covering one general topic. Its purpose is to pique the interest of guests and serve as a conversation-starter. You will find it contains very little text.

Other photo books are usually filled with personal family photos. This type of book is professionally put together in quality binding for display purposes. There is little text. When company visits, they will enjoy looking at the pictures of places you have seen.

Such a book will be of high-quality binding and photographs. It can focus on one part of the world, one city or one group of animals of interest to most people. The Kenyan gorillas on a protected preserve might be one such example. It was the place where Jane Goodall did her life's work.

Someone interested in architecture may purchase a coffee-table book showing famous buildings, or famous ruins. In Milwaukee Wisconsin there is a fascinating building designed by Santiago Calatrava, one of the most famous of all living architects. It is a stark white structure that has two wing-like appendages. Some say it appears ready to fly up into the heavens at any moment.

A coffee-table book can feature photographs of a single topic or species that the owner has an interest in. An archeologist, for example, might purchase one filled with photos of ancient ruins or dinosaurs. They may range from the ancient bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex to a primitive village unearthed revealing remnants of how the people lived in ancient times.

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