jeudi 21 janvier 2016

The Impacts Of Personalized Ornaments

By Raymond Ellis

In life some things mean a lot to us, people always have an attached meaning to things they presume important in their life for instance when a person experiences some situations of the ups and downs of life, he or she can decide to jot the happenings in a diary in order to remember the period, thus, the person can decide to decorate the diary in order to keep it fit for future reference thus acts as personalized ornaments to the being.

If we take for example, when an East African woman feels sad or bad about her neighbours success, the successful neighbour might buy a leso that is enscription with some writing such as "mwenye wivu ajinyonge, " meaning "If you feel jealous, commit suicide". This type of enscription tends to teach people the good morals of the society and especially enabled people to mind their own businesses.

In this modern world, it is hard to get people living in houses with no decorations; most houses have been decorated by ornaments such as photos, watch, dolls and flowers. This thing makes the house to be full and lively, people will admire living in such house since it s much prettier than the one with no decorations at all. Portrait artists tend to get much attention when it comes to home portraits since they are the ones who paints decorates the home portraits.

In traditional African Society, there was the use of various types of ornaments such as leading of the body to people painting themselves with drawings of things they like or love doing, for example, football because they love soccer and even painting their hair to bring about a certain look.

Sometimes decorations or ornaments can be used to identify things or even people. In the Maasai culture, most Maasai people wear bangles and even necklaces which are used to identify their community. Also, some wear to identify different celebrations like circumcision, weddings, and even burial enhancing their cultural practices.

The living standards of people can also be seen to be improved by the fact that people also acquire ornaments such as medals gold, bronze or silver. This is acquired through participation in both funding and non-funding activities such as athletics, the best performance in schools or even achievements in work place. Thus, the decorations tend to promote the living standard of people in the world that is those interested parties.

Beauty is one very important sector of life in the ladies world. The ladies tend to own their beauty and also try to measure it with the value of the ornaments they posses for example during a wedding people tend to average the bride and the groom from the possible values of the things they are wearing such as watch, necklaces, shoes, ring and even the wedding clothes they are wearing.

In most communities ornaments serves the best role of raising capital. For instance, in the Kalenjin community, most Kalenjins know how to run that is they are athlete's thus after winning a race they are paid for their participation and most importantly given medals that act as a future reference to them. This decorations in a way or sometimes act as motivators for the young children interested in the success of their parents and in a way also they tend to outline the success level or achievement level of the involved people.Conclusively then the importance of personal adornments in ones life.

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