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Learn How To Use Special Effects Makeup Kits

By Rebecca Bennett

If you want to be a makeup artist to the movie stars, you have to start practicing. The best way to do this is by investing in special effects makeup kits. These are comprehensive collections of paints, glues, and many other resources that can be used to create a wide variety of looks.

Products like these are generally required when taking special effects classes. If you have registered for one of these classes, ask your teacher to help you find the best products to use. A seasoned instructor can suggest a variety of comprehensive and quality kits that are suited to your area of interest.

When people plan to practice without instruction, they need to get kits that are designed for their niches. As an example, you may want to create aliens or your favorite fairy tale characters. A good kit for these productions will not be the same as one that is designed for producing zombies. There are even a few flexible products that are intended for creating a very large variety of looks. If you have yet to identify your niche, options like these can be very cost-effective.

The best way to avoid irritating the skin is to invest in options that are high in quality. Look for non-comodogenic powders and paints. These will not cause rashes or acne to appear. This is vital for keeping people content and safe when you are working on them.

You also have to think about how this makeup will be taken off once everything is complete. You may need a special remover for ensuring that the skin is well-care for. This vital when gluing on prosthetic parts or using a considerable amount of heavy and dark colors for modifying the looks of your subjects. Some packages actually contain coordinating removal solutions already.

It is best to determine how extensive you want the looks that you create to be. For instance, some kits may contain actual prosthetic pieces for altering the size and dimensions of the face. Other, more basic products will only contain powders, paints and other applications for adding color. These tend to be low in cost and very easy to use. They are great for beginners who are practicing on their own. If you have one, you can start by practicing new looks on yourself.

Some people use these kits for local plays and other performances. This is a great way to build experience. If you know of a school or a community theater organization that is putting on a performance, you can offer your services. This will allow you to build your resume while adding more realism and greater depth and dimension to these events.

One easy way to get more practice is by asking relatives and friends to be your study subjects. If you take care to invest in a quality removal solution and top-tier products, these people will be happy to sit for you. They can have their looks radically transformed and they won't have to deal with irritated skin afterwards.

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