mardi 19 janvier 2016

Highlights On Music In Newport RI

By Edward Bell

In this modern world of today, songs are everywhere, this is to show that almost all the people in different parts of the world love music though not all. You will find people listening to them in almost all areas that they are in for example while they walk, shower, reading and driving among others. It is reported that music in Newport RI is known to set the mood going depending on the kind of song you are listening to.

Songs have several benefits on the health of the human body. One of the advantage being that they reduce depression and anxiety. It helps people feel relaxed and therefore making one feel relieved. In hospitals patients that listen to music are more likely to be in a good mood and less pain as compared to those that do not. It reduces depression by improving the blood levels of the patient.

In an aging brain of an old person, music is a form of exercise. It exercises the brain, and as we well know, exercises help keep the body healthy and the same thing applies to the brain, it stays healthy. It is, therefore, no surprise that you might find a very old person who has a very sharp and good memory of events and things despite their age.

A song also helps put a smile on a face that was not happy. Whenever one feels down and sad a song acts as a relaxer in that it take the brain into a world where you have no problems and for a moment there you become relaxed. It makes sure that the little happiness that you had left has been cultivated into something bigger and takes away your sadness.

Kids that learn music in schools are known to be good students. In the city Newport RI it was found that students who listen to songs and are taught have one thing in common, that is that they are good in communication. It improves their skill of communication and they become easy to understand since they do not fear to say anything that they feel.

In the same way that songs have disadvantages that are associated with them. For example some of the songs can contain vulgar language. This is not a good thing for the kids who might happen to listen to them. As we know kids they are still in the process of learning so whatever words they hear from the songs they might tend to use them some which are not good.

In addition to the bad language then there are still songs that still contain some videos that are immoral. They contain bad scenes, especially to the kids and teenagers. They can give them bad ideas on how to do things or try to do things that they have seen in the videos. Some do this with the thought that they might seem cool or not feel left behind.

Some of them can cause noise pollution this is in the case of loud music that sometimes teenagers love to play in high volumes. They can cause disturbances to the people neighboring the teens and making their stay a very hard one.

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