lundi 11 janvier 2016

How To Correctly Use Stage Makeup Kits For Schools

By Charles Richardson

From dance competitions to musical performances, stage make up is important. The application of stage makeup kits for schools affects the perception that audience have of the performer. When it is done well, it will enliven your performance. It also draws the audience by creating an enchanting allure. If not done well, the performer will seem tired.

It is critical that you make sure that your face is clean before you touch it with any makeup. The toner that you choose to use to even your complexion should be free of alcohol. It is because alcohol evaporates faster despite the fact that the stage lights will make your skin dry when it is exposed to light. Using a toner that contains alcohol will just increase the rate of drying.

After embarking on the toner, put on the foundation. It should be of a slightly darker color than your skin tone. Start by applying it at your forehead as you approach your hairline before applying it to your entire face. In case you are putting on an attire that will leave out your neck and ears, to avoid the mask effect, ensure you also apply the foundation to these areas too.

The blush and rouge should be next on your makeup regimen. This can be properly done if you put on a smile while working on the blush. For a lass, you are supposed to pick a rosy color that will blend in with the color of their skin. For gentlemen it is advisable to use a more pale color. This goes well with their complexion.

After the above, you are supposed to do the blush and rouge. The blush will only work well if the foundation is well applied. A key point that many stage performers of makeup artist tend to miss, is that one should smile while applying the blush. If it is a boy, the blush should be paler that the skin tone. In ladies, it should have a rosy color that will complement their skin color.

Lip lining should then follow your school make up regimen. Choose a lip liner whose color is more or less the same as the color of you lipstick. This is an important step because it prevents your lipstick from bleeding into your face when you sweat. You should then apply the lip color. You must consult the director on the color of your attire so that you know which color to apply on the lip.

To set the makeup, apply a translucent powder on your face. This can be easily done by dipping a brush in your powder. You should ensure that you apply just the right amount. If the dipped brush has excess powder, tap it on a paper towel to remove the extra powder. By using powder, you will ensure that your make will not get ruined when you sweat during the performance.

Before getting ready for the performance, move back from the mirror so you have a general view of how you look like. Your make up should appear darker. It is because the illumination of the stage lights will make it lighter. Make sure that every individual in your audience will be able to get your expression in whichever angle or distance.

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