jeudi 21 janvier 2016

The Best Conspiracy Theory Parodies Revealed

By Michael Kelly

A look at some stories makes one think that we are living a great lie in this world. While you thought you had all the facts right, some journalist, politician or website reveals something that appears so true that you wonder why you never thought of it in that light. In fact, all your certainty evaporates to the point where you begin to doubt yourself. Here are some of the most amazing conspiracy theory parodies of all time.

Something happened in 1969. A man by the name Neil Armstrong is said to have been the first man to step on the moon. What remain unexplained are the details of an image released by the government. The flag appears to be flapping under the influence of some wind. The shadows cast more doubt on the legitimacy of that narrative. It appears that the world was sucked into the supremacy battles of the sixties and has never recovered.

1950s is regarded as a decade where the world made a lot of advances. There was a lot of prosperity in science, music was rocking and economies were growing. But is that really the case? The world saw the rise of communism in its most extreme form. Atheists waged a war and a finding set to redefine what Albert Einstein had discovered decades earlier was made. So, what really happened in the 50s?

Why is the Titanic so popular for sinking yet so many other ships are lying on the ocean floor? The narrative gives the story away as a Hollywood movie script. In fact, the details become clear when you consider the stories told by survivors. Their memory is too vivid for an event that took place when they were toddlers.

A highly sophisticated and sufficiently large aircraft like the Malaysian flight MH370 disappears without trace? Someone has got to be kidding. In a world where technology reigns supreme, someone somewhere knows the truth yet is keeping it away from people. Even the appearance of a mold laden wing on the Indian Ocean shores was part of a bigger conspiracy. Why has there not been any other debris? Someone in this world must be determining what the truth is for the rest of the naive billions.

The longest running and most effective conspiracy regards Jews. The world is running on a Jews born god who the native local Jews have no idea about. People are tithing in billions, controlling trillions and even going to heaven yet local Jews in Israel are as clueless as infants. This is the best conspiracy ever.

Who watched the Twin Towers collapse? One may think they were made of sand. Replaying the event a thousand times gives a perfect answer that 9/11 was a hoax. The attack was too sophisticated to be planned and executed by some desert folks.

Someone beyond Jesus must have resurrected. Tupac Shakur keeps making purported appearances from time to time. To solve this mystery, the next person who photographs him making a drive by should follow him to know his address. The only explanation could be that he resurrected like Jesus or has become an alien.

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