lundi 1 mai 2017

A Passage On Past Incidences During Exiting Home As Categorized In Personal Memoirs Examples

By Virginia Lee

It is never easy for one to leave their loved ones behind. The happy memories that are usually associated with one abode are not easy to erase or forget, and this is what makes leaving home harder. Personal memoirs examples are written in nostalgia to help an individual access the memories of individuals that they left behind.

One of the memories that are hardest to wipe out from an individual mind is the last dinner that one shares with close friends and family on the eve of the day that they are about to leave home. This meal which is famously known as the last supper is usually charged with laughter and high emotions with tears being a common feature especially if an individual is going to be away for a long and unknown time.

During the period of preparations to leave home, past transgressions against family and grudges held by friends were quickly forgiven. Love and moral support were usually available in abundance since no one had any idea if they would meet again. The uncertainty that was attached to these travels helped mend many broken fences.

As one packed their bags in preparation for the journey, parents would drop in and to offer a few words of advice, lend a hand and offer encouragement. This process was slow at best, but perhaps this may have been because at the back of one mind, leaving behind family, friends and all that someone was used to all their life was hard.

One cannot deny the excitement that used to flow when one thought about leaving home to go to a new place. For the sake of not hurting the feelings of all the relatives who were in a somber mood, one had to bottle up their feelings though this did not always work. The further the distance, the more the excitement one felt. This was more so if one was assured of meeting different people with different cultures or visiting a new geographical location in their journeys.

Since parents are always worried about their children, they were the most hit during this period. If one were going to a place that was far away from home even if it was for educational purposes, they would try to convince one to look for a replica of such a place in the vicinity of home. A lot of advice was usually floated around during this period some of which was practical and some of which was highly impractical.

Catching up with friends and making plans on what to do on seeing each other again was a fun part. Most friends were exuberant that one was going to start a new chapter in their lives and to explore new corners of the world. It was interesting that some friends encouraged one to mistakes such as falling in love with the wrong person just for fun.

Saying goodbye to the people assembled during the actual day that one was leaving home was the hardest and saddest part. As reality sunk that one was leaving, tears would flow freely as hugs and kisses were exchanged. All parties present made promises to keep in touch, and as the vehicle ferrying one to their destination pulled away, one would be filled with thoughts of what the future held.

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