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Guidelines On How To Maintain True Virgin Hair

By Pamela Johnson

The beauty aspects of a woman can be clearly elaborated by their hair. When you want to maintain that natural look, you may decide to add weaves and virgin hair extensions. This type of hair has different hair length that you desire and their volume is just perfect. The hair can be designed into various styles and they are reusable during different occasions. The following are the guidelines on how you can keep your true virgin hair glowing:

If maintained properly, these hairs can be reused for a long time. This is what differentiates it from the preprocessed and synthetic hairs that respond very poorly if reused. It is able to retain its original look and appear natural and health.

The long extensions of this brand are better when not washed. In not getting them wet, they look much better. The common question is on how to keep the scalp clean. This can be done by the use of a cotton wool dipped in witch hazel or any good antiseptic and gently clean the scalp. In reusing the natural hairs, it can be washed gently but not while on your head.

It is advisable to sleep on satin pillowcases to avoid the direct lying on the extensions. Directly lying on the extensions will make the heat from your head and the friction from the rough bedding to dry out the extensions creating a very flat and damaged appearance to the hairs. This will eventually lead to reduced life of the hairs.

You need a professional to help you take out the extension. If you are beginner, this professional will help you to avoid cutting your own hairs. To carefully and gently remove the extension, they use a seam ripper. After removing your extension, you should wash it for reusing. This gives you time to treat and condition your natural hairs as you repair any damages on it. To give the extension a new look, it should be maintained every four to six weeks. This will also move it closer to your scalp.

When you need to wash your hairs you should use warm water. You should never sleep on wet hairs. When you sleep on it, it can become smelly after some time because it may mix with sweat and dirt. If you have bigger braids you should minimize the combing or plaiting whenever you want to sleep.

When styling the hairs, do not overuse products or leave products not well spread out. The beauty about the natural hairs is that you are at liberty to style it as your own hairs. You can also color it or even perm it of you like. You are able to brush it, blow dry it or even straighten it without having to worry.

You should use the right combinations of the hairs products so as to maintain a healthy looking air. When you are facing challenges, you should get a professional who will advise on the best things to do with your hairs. You can reuse this type of hairs for a full year.

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