jeudi 18 mai 2017

With DTG Printing Queens, NY, You Are Not Limited To Screen Printing Only

By Diane Ellis

Most t-shirt printing companies in Queens, NY offer screen printing, direct garment printing, embroidery, and more. They can also do employee uniforms and other garments. You can also have sports bags printed with your company logo to be handed out to anyone who asks. This is an excellent way for you to get the word out about your company and enjoy word-of-mouth marketing! But there are more benefits to the DTG Printing Queens, NY than meets the eye.

DTG refers to direct to garment. This means that a DTG printer directly applies ink to a fabric much the same way your home printer applies ink to a sheet of paper. When compared with an inkjet printer, the concept is very much the same as the ink is applied in rows with a direct garment printer. Because of the nature of DTG, you can have hundreds of thousands of colors, rather than a fixed amount with silk screen decoration.

Styles such as long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless T-shirts, sweatshirts, and bookbags are all found in school stores... In addition to books. Many direct to garment printers have the capability to print these items as well, further increasing the possibilities within the market.

Color is another issue. A 1-color print in one location is going to be significantly cheaper than 4 colors in 2 locations. For each color in your design they will need to set-up a different screen (printers charge anywhere from $15-$25 per screen the first time around). This raises your first time print costs quite a bit, of course eating into your first-time margins.

Orders as small as six shirts are not a problem because all that is required is a simple digital file to run the printer, and not expensive labor and materials typically used in other methods. The last factor is the ability to print orders incredibly quickly. In some cases, a design can be downloaded from the internet and loaded onto the printer minutes. While this not only means instant gratification, it can also mean the ability to print for time sensitive events, which many school groups tend to have.

Commonly used decoration techniques include silk screen, particularly suitable for large areas of color, and inkjet. DTG technology is the more economical for larger orders, while direct to garment digital inkjet is great for designs with a number of different colors. Inkjet is the more economical of the two for individual garments or small quantities.

To sum up then, knowing how to design your own clothing gives you the opportunity to create unique garment designs that you can be certain nobody else will be wearing. You can print t-shirts, polos, hoodies, sports clothing and a wide variety of v-necks, singlets, tops and long-sleeved garments of different types. Custom t-shirts decoration is increasing in popularity as people seek to express their individuality in what they are wearing. What better way to do this than to design your own clothing. Be different to everybody else and design your own t-shirts. It's easier than you think!

One thing to look at is the type of ink used by the printer you are considering. Quality colorfast ink is required for the best finalized products. So that you can maintain a good profit margin, the ink ought to be affordable where you are not spending enormous amounts of money on the supplies used in the fabrication process. Some machines are designed to work with particular inks, so fully investigating DTG printers before you purchase them is very important.

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