dimanche 14 mai 2017

Finding Good Cheesy Pick Up Lines

By Rebecca Rogers

Fortunately the world is filled with very lonely individuals who are trying to find a life partner that will share all of their fantasies. Some of these individuals will more than likely use cheesy pick up lines while they are trying to meet someone. Some of these quotes are very old while others are brand new. A male called Walter knows all about this subject.

Walter is indeed a ladies man and he has learnt all of his great manners from a truly great woman. His mother has taught him well throughout the years and therefore Walter is able to approach any woman with ease. He often tells them that they remind him of his good hearted mom who was always there for him on every occasion.

His mom also taught him that the ratio of women within the United States is far greater than males. This is a very good thing for Walter to know since he will have less competition to deal with while living in a particular area. He knows how to treat each and every woman with respect and Walter will never do anything to harm a woman and this is really good. He likes to take them on simple dates which include dinner and dancing.

Walter also has great taste when it comes to choosing a females perfume smell. He likes to tell them that they smell as pretty as a rose once he has sat down beside them. This is one line which also gets to them since each and every woman upon this planet likes to smell and look good. He will usually hold his nose towards their forehead to get a better smell.

Dawn knows all about hair and skin tones since this is part of her job on a daily basis. Good looking men are always glad when she tells them that their hair is smelling great. Fortunately Dawn has never gotten a negative reaction from any of the males who come into her orbit.

At times Dawn will visit the local mall and sit for hours just to stare at the males who are walking around. She is looking at their style of clothing and other things which will make them unique. Dawn is very critical about the males that she will date and this is one woman who will never go out with a slob.

Dawn feels that looking good will contribute to a person feeling good. On the other side of town lives a young man who is under the age of thirty. His name is Buck and he has been looking for exciting dates for a short period of time. He still has time to find the girl of his dreams. He often will ask a girl to walk through life with him.

He really enjoys stating this line since it was used by his father when he was dating his mom. The couple has been together for nearly thirty years and they have never had an unhappy moment. The girls at Bucks college also find this quote very interesting. As time goes by Buck will learn more and more quotes from his uncles cousins and other individuals who are involved in his young life.

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