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Scheduling Private Walking Tours Washington DC

By Donna Burns

The capital of the United States is a magnificent city that attracts tourists from the nation and the world. This means that it's crowded with visitors pretty much year round. The traffic and the crowds discourage many, even those who live close enough to come often. However, private walking tours Washington DC - or guided vehicle trips - may be the perfect way to see all the sights that you find in history books or may have missed during other visits to the city.

The tours are easily booked online, which is also the most cost effective way to do it. Another way to save money, incidentally, is to make a reservation for one of the set times and one of the regular but still exclusive tours. All you need to do is pick a time, enter in how many will be in your group, and see if there is an opening. Back-to-back tours reduce the price, as do group rates for businesses or large families.

Of course, the name of the game is custom tours. You can tailor the experience to those in the group, seeing exactly what you want when it's most convenient. Each group has a professional, licensed, enthusiastic guide to make sure every sight is given full attention. Check online reviews to see how others found their experiences and to get an idea of popular excursions that might interest your audience.

For instance, how about seeing the sights by moonlight? There are all those illuminated monuments which highlight the beautiful placement of Tidal Basin, Reflecting Pool, and Mall. Most of the tourists, street vendors, and commuter traffic will be gone, and you may feel like the streets are yours.

A moonless night might be better for a ghost-hunting walk through Georgetown or to view some of the famously haunted houses in the district. You'll find these and other ideas offered by companies which have won awards for providing superb experiences. Friendly customer services reps will help you find or create the perfect event for your guests, no matter what age or state of physical fitness they are.

Seeing the district on foot lets people really appreciate the history, character, and beauty of this government center, rich in culture and distinction. There are many sights that most never see, since they are not mentioned in history books or visible from the main streets. Even the residential areas are lively and fun to see, full of beautiful architecture and enlivened by embassies, museums, and universities.

Online bookings must be made at least three days in advance. Once booked, there can be no alterations to the plan. You can meet a bus or van at the airport or any hotel. Check the FAQs on each company website for more information, answers, and ideas. Customer reviews on travel sites are good ways to narrow your focus.

A private guided tour is about as good as you can get when visiting a place you don't know intimately. It can be a great educational experience for your kids. The Lincoln Assassination Tour is one of the most popular. There is so much to see that this could become a family or employee-team-building tradition.

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