mardi 11 juin 2019

Discovering Pagan Poetry Ideas Thoughts And Eco-Sexuality

By Maria Hamilton

Poets are often a rare breed, just look at Bob Dylan or Jim Morrison, well known musicians whom were also incredible poets. In fact, both have poetry books as well as lyric books still on the market. While Dylan's work is hopeful, Morrison's often promotes a number of pagan poetry ideas thoughts and other ideologies.

With regards as to how people will react to pagan poetry, most often this depends on the area in which a poet lives or is reading work. For, while audiences in more liberal areas might be receptive, those living in states considered part of the Bible Belt will most likely be more judgmental of anything other than Christian views and mindsets.

When considering the nature of poetry, pagan poets all too often assume audiences will see the work as ahistorical and narrow. Whereas, themes related to neo-paganism, a blend of different aspects of anything other than Christian can often elevate human and divine experiences through a number of poetic works.

In most cases, paganism brings with it a resistance to form and a distrust of aesthetics, aspects which are often inspirational to authors, poets, fiction and non-fiction writers regardless of religious beliefs. In addition, as most poems of this nature intentionally lack structure and clarity, it can often be hard for some individuals to decipher the meaning behind the words, especially when it comes to Haikus or shorter pieces.

Due to the very nature of paganism, there is also a sense of ambivalence and curiosity when it comes to the historical aspects of paganism. Ronald Hutton, one well known poet has attempted to reveal literary and cultural aspects which have shaped modern ideologies associated with pagan beliefs though has often fallen short of doing so.

With regards to one blogger's suggestion that paganism is less than a century old, nothing could be further from the truth. For, paganism goes back to the earliest days of the world. Just imagine, even the Bible regardless of belief in same discusses paganism in great detail in the Old Testament which if nothing else has been proven to be a historical document related to the earliest times of the world. In fact, the first humans to roam the earth were most likely pagans until man-made beliefs began to mold and shape different religious beliefs.

Other poets and writers do make some good sense with regards to Wicca being an old school religion and out of the limelight as the practice or religion had been at different times in the past. While this is the case, the wisdom and knowledge gained from Wiccan practices can often be enlightening and inspirational to poets and writers. Whereas, as neo-paganism is basically a blend of all practices and religions which denounce Christianity, it can often be difficult for Christians to relate to poems related to neo-paganism and associated beliefs.

Whether a traditional pagan, neo-pagan or Wiccan poet, these individuals often write some of the best poetry in the world. In fact, there have even been Christians whom claim to have been uplifted by some pagan poems when discussing various aspects of creation and nature. Whereas, these poets also tend to delve into more erotic themes, at times appearing as eco-sexual in nature when using themes related to making love to Mother Earth or the elements air, fire, earth and water.

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