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Useful And Essential Facts About Florida Keys Aerial Photography

By Timothy Butler

Aerial photography is a very important field within the field of photography. Another name that is used to refer to this field is airborne imagery. Airborne imagery refers to the process of taking photographs from a flying object such as a drone or aircraft. Some of the platforms that are currently used commonly to take these photos include rockets, kites, helicopters, UAVs, balloons, parachutes, and pigeons just to mention a few. Here are facts regarding Florida Keys aerial photography.

The photographs can be taken by someone aboard the different airborne platforms. In case the platform is not able to be boarded by a person, then automated or remotely controlled cameras can be used. Airborne imagery and air to air photographing are two distinct concepts because of the way pictures are taken in the two processes. In air-to-air imagery, pictures of airborne systems such as aircrafts, balloons, rockets amongst others are taken by other airborne platform.

Photos taken from the air can be categorized in various categories depending on a few factors. Photos that are taken from an angle are referred to as oblique photographs. The phrase low oblique photograph is used to refer to oblique photos that are taken from a low angle relative to the surface of the earth. On the other hand, the term steep or high oblique photographs is used to refer to photos that are taken from a high angle.

Vertical photos is another group of photographs. These pictures are taken straight down. Normally, these kinds of photos are taken to be used in photogrammetry and image interpretation. Special huge format cameras are normally used to take photos that are utilized in photogrammetry. Such cameras normally have documented and calibrated geometric settings.

Vertical photographs find use in the creation of orthophotos. Another name used to refer to orthophotos is orthophotomaps. These are photographs that have been geometrically corrected so that they can be used as maps. A better way of looking at orthophotos is a simulation of photos captured from an infinite distance, looking straight down. Perspective is usually removed in these photos while differences in terrain are corrected.

Aerial imaging is a field which has a long historical background, starting in France. The very first individual to try out the concept of taking pictures from above was called Gaspard-Felix Tournachon. Tournachon was both a photographer and a balloonist. Owing to his profession, Tournachon chose to take images of the floor of the earth from the air. Cameras used by Tournachon were hooked up on balloons which were flown over Paris.

The idea of taking aerial photographs would later become very popular with the onset of the First World War. Both the Germans and Britons used their planes to conduct surveillance of enemy troops. The pictures that were taken at that time were in black and white colors only. This made them to be of low quality. Also, since the cameras used were not powerful enough, the altitude at which the photos could be taken was limited.

These days, airborne imagery is an advanced field. It is used in many industries, which include the military, aeronautical, research, movie making, recreation, and music production among others. The equipment used nowadays are safer and more advanced as well.

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