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Learn About History With A Harriet Tubman Performer

By Brenda Scott

It is nice when you are on vacation when you can visit places that are truly meaningful to the regions that you are visiting. Many people think of Auburn, the city in New York State, as the birthplace and the resting place of the well-known Harriet Tubman. If you want to find a harriet tubman performer, this might be the best place to look, not to mention at the many historic sites that are along the Underground Railroad, where she helped many enslaved people escape and get their freedom.

When hiring someone to play this kind of a part, you will definitely need to make sure that they have been acting for a long time. Otherwise, they will not necessarily be able to give as moving of a performance as they might have otherwise. Amateur performers are always going to be a gamble because they might make novice mistakes that ruin the whole act and completely break the illusion.

An actress playing this part will have such a better time with it if she just does a bit of research. The more you learn about the history, the more meaningful this kind of performance will become. That is the way that so many actresses playing this part have brought audience members to tears because of really knowing the historic weight of what she is saying.

With a role like this, you will want to make sure not to be stingy on props or wardrobe. If there are any obvious things missing or things that do not belong to the right decade, people are going to be disappointed. All you have to do I make sure to do a bit of shopping beforehand to get period-appropriate props and attire.

In this day and age, it is all the more important to learn to respect these historic figures at an early age. There is probably no better way to learn about history than to see it played out right before your eyes. That way, the facts and details will really stick with you.

With historic performances, you might find them in a number of different settings. When they are done onstage, usually there are rehearsed scenes that are played out. When it is in an interactive format, the people who visit can ask any question that comes to mind, so the actress has to be prepared and very versatile.

Messing up on lines or breaking character is just not an option when you are playing this role. When the audience sees these mistakes, the illusion can be completely shattered. All it takes is a swift recovery to avoid this from happening.

With costumes like these, they can tend to get extremely hot depending on where you are performing, what time of year it is, and how physical your performance has to be. That is why staying well-hydrated before the show helps out a lot. A heat stroke does not make for a good end to the first act.

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