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Discovering The Woodstock NY Tourist Information Website

By Arthur White

When visiting the town of Woodstock, NY, it is important to remember that this is a small town and not the site of the Woodstock music festival. In addition, the town has a lot more to offer than a single event every 25 to 50 years. According to the woodstock ny tourist information website, while the town may be small in stature, it is big on residents and visitors staying active throughout the year.

One of the tourist information center's primary goals is to bridge the gap between local residents and visitors by speaking a language which all can understand. In addition, when visitors attend events or participate in activities, these individuals often feel like locals. For, whether going out to a local cafe or market to find fresh organic and local options, brewery for rock and roll and beer or attending a yoga class, all such events often make locals and visitors feel better.

The local culture provides a plethora of local talent, small businesses and an arts colony with different types of art. While the residents are open, friendly and welcoming, visitors attempting to cause trouble or trashing the town will most likely be asked to act right, clean up or leave. For, the ideology of locals is that all people are tourists and that all are on a personal journey and just passing through town whether that be stopping for a short while or a lifetime.

Whether a lifetime or new resident, visitor or working in the area, travelers often provide different types of magic, workshops, music, spoken word and other activities. In addition, people visiting the area often find the peace and quiet which can be found in the woods and nearby streams extremely beneficial. For, many of these individuals have never experienced peace and quiet in such beautiful surroundings.

Whether coming for the 50th Annual Woodstock Music Festival in nearby Bethel Woods or, to rest, relax and take in the sights and sounds of downtown Woodstock, the tourist center wants all residents and visitors to feel better. For, when visitors and the people of the town all feel good, it makes for a much more enjoyable experience whether living or visiting the area.

In fact, Woodstock has three major goals when it comes to visitors and residents. These goals include, getting people to come to town, getting more people to participate in activities and events and to assist in uplifting the morale of the local community. For, the town hopes that those organizing activities and events, local residents and visitors will have contributed in ways which will make the town even better than before doing so.

While having taken place in the area in 1969, and while at a different location later this Summer, the Woodstock festival has a very different energy than the town. For, the original event was almost a city unto itself in 1969 in Bethel Woods. Whereas, the anniversary festival being held in Watkins Glen will most likely take on a much different energy due to the diverse line-up of past and present performers.

The tourist information mobile guide and website for Woodstock have been created with a diverse set of users in mind. For, the site includes a tool which provides the ability to translate text into any desired language and a voice command option. In addition, the site also adapts to devices regardless of screen size and structure.

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