lundi 17 juin 2019

Reasons To Get Vanity Phone Numbers

By Mark Peterson

If you are just preparing your business requirements, you will find out that you need to have a landline number for government agencies and customers to contact you. Aside from a regular number, telephone companies provide you various options to enhance your business communication. This includes the vanity phone numbers that you should give out to customers. There are a number of benefits for having one.

Your telephone number becomes easy to remember. This works great if the customers frequently have to contact you to avail of your products and services. It can also prevent them from incorrectly dialing a digit, which can lead to missed business opportunities. A special number also looks great in advertisements and calling cards.

By getting a special number, you are showing your clients that you are serious about your business. A premium number costs a lot more than a regular one, and by investing in it, your customers will feel that you would like to make transactions easier for them. Being easy to reach is one of the things that customers value when choosing a store.

A lot of options are available when it comes to choosing your special number. You can go for a series of the same number or consecutive digits for faster recall. If you feel like being creative, you can choose a pattern that spells out the name of your company or your main product. If you encourage customers to visit a physical store, you can also choose something that corresponds to your address.

If your customers are located in several areas with different area codes and calling you may cost additional fees, you can also sign up for a toll-free number. This will reduce your customer's worries about having to spend more when calling you, regardless of where they are in the country. But if your business only serves a few area codes, you can check with your telephone company about purchasing the same series of numbers within different area codes.

When choosing your premium number, decide on which would be the best for your company. You can go for the toll-free option or a series of digits that are available in several area codes. Consider if you would like the number to spell out a word or if you just want a pattern that is easy to remember. Take note that some of your customers may no longer use the smaller alpha-numeric keypads in favor of the qwerty keyboard on their phones.

When you reach out to your telephone service provider about subscribing to a personalized number, be sure to have them explain the details on the lock in period, activation fees, contract termination, and renewal policy. You would not want to lose a number that has been given out to many customers once your contract has expired.

If you are looking on expanding your business and serving your clients better, having a special number can make your company look more professional and accessible. Just consider the expenses that may be tied to this such as the premium fees, early termination and call forwarding features.

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