lundi 17 juin 2019

How Are Amazing Wood And Metal Sculptures Made

By Ann Harris

Making sculptures is a form of art that both impresses and baffles most people. The creations are beautiful and can last for quite a few years. The average person does not have much of an idea as to the amount of time and effort that goes into creating them. Learning how amazing wood and metal sculptures are made helps to understand the passion that the artist put into their work. Some of these have lasted centuries and this is considered one of the oldest craft methods in existence.

Working with wood is an art form that is specialized. The tools and techniques have not changed much over time. There are different types of tools used to create different features. The wood selected makes a big difference in how long it lasts and how hard or easy it is to work with. Since they are susceptible to bugs and weather conditions, they are most often put on display inside so they can last longer.

There are many different types of tools for this work. Chisels, carving knives, and gouges are all used in this process. There are many different sizes and they produce fine lines and rough edges depending on the tool chosen. It is easy to make a mistake so the process is slow and cumbersome to ensure that the final piece is great quality.

The first step the woodworker will make is picking which type of wood they want to use. Once they pick it, they will begin by using the larger tools, cutting away until a shape begins to form. With each step, they will select smaller gouges and tools to make finer lines and shapes. In the end, they will use the sandpaper to create a nice finish to the piece.

Working with metal is a much different process. Though the history for this type of art does not go as far back, it still has a good and long history. The techniques that are used in modern times is not that different from the original way it is done. Some of the material used may be different, but the technique is very similar.

The tools used here include wax and rubberized molding materials as well as ceramic. The same tools may be used as in woodworking in order to create the original design. Many will start with clay since it is tougher than wax and more malleable than different types of wood. The artist can easily start over or fix a spot on the clay formation without having to start completely over.

The original is often made from clay. In fact, some will keep the clay version and have it fired to keep it forever. When the rubberized mold is poured into place it creates a negative version. Once all the steps are completed, the final metal piece is sanded and worked on by the artist to make it just right.

Making art has a history that comes from prehistoric times. Making sculptures goes back centuries and many of the existing ones can still be found as decoration, religious objects, and to honor past generals and leaders.

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