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A Synopsis Of Grow Jamaica

By Jill Faulkner

Grow Jamaica is a movie adaptation of a book by the same title written by Reverend James Campbell. It is an incisive look at the impact of marijuana legalization in the country. The analysis covers political, social, economic and medical implications. Contributors to the documentary include are stakeholders in almost all sectors of the society.

The documentary runs for sixty minutes taking both educational and entertaining perspectives. Contributions have been sort from doctors, politicians, economists as well as officers in the police force. Each has a unique tale to tell and their perspectives are fascinating. Their contributions expand the dialogue in legalization of marijuana.

Reverend Campbell Leeroy is one of the major and outstanding characters in this movie. He is a Christian with other fascinating attributes. Campbell is also an accomplished designer and artist. He has published several titles before the book that informed this documentary. It is clear that he is a multi talented individual.

The point made by Grow Jamaica is that ganja should be legalized. Jamaican people should be allowed to grow and trade in this crop. Leeroy is also a researcher on natural herbs and suggests that the benefits will spread in such sectors as tourism and food. This means that the economy of this country will be unique and competitive. His arguments are informed by research that shows positive impact of marijuana to the body, mind and soul.

Reverend Campbell is motivational in his speeches having worked as a teacher and counselor. His speeches are motivational, uplifting and confrontational. He has conducted research in natural herbs before arriving at such conclusions. The documentary has featured as part of the official selection for the BFI Film festivals in 2006 and Flash Point Film Festival in 2007.

Other characters featuring prominently in this movie include Delaware born Stephen Marley. He grew in Jamaica and started singing as a little kid. His exploits includes appearance at the Jamaica Music Festival in Montgomery. He is recognized for his role in Ziggy and the Melody Makers where he was a lead vocalist at eight years of age.

Grow Jamaica also features Oliver Samuels a renowned broadcaster and actor. He has featured in a series called Oliver at Large which was written by Aston Cooke and produced by Butler Calvin. He has a sidekick that makes him conspicuous. He is a funny character who has inspired several productions including Oliver and the genies as well as Pinocchio.

Other characters have played significant roles in shaping the entire story and examining the ramifications of legalizing the trade in ganja. They include Dr Bragga whose profile is still being built within the documentary. Each has a unique yet significant role of determining the direction of trade in ganja. The cast forms a formidable team that evaluates the implications in a funny and educative manner.

Only time will tell of the impact of Grow Jamaica. It is interesting to watch the debate it has elicited and the possible direction this is going to take. This is a bold move with far reaching consequences at the local and global level. The issue is very sensitive and a lot of convincing is required to move people away the view that ganja is harmful.

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