dimanche 3 mars 2013

Tips On How To Find Science Fiction Books For Kids

By Ava Hudson

Many sub-genres in literature are known for their very unique characteristics and one of these is science fiction. A lot of works revolving around this subject, including science fiction books for kids, often focus on various scientific theories and how they affect humanity. There are several accounts exploring what the future holds for planet earth and what can happen to its inhabitants. Perhaps, this genre can even be taken as a commentary on humankind, planet earth and alien life forms.

Most plots have been designed to stretch the minds of people for possibilities and establish awareness for alternatives to the perceived realities that exist in this world. Some may even seek to the exploration of the possibility that other life forms and other worlds are present in other planets. Plots usually range from outbreaks of fatal diseases, time traveling, alternative and other dimensional universes.

Some works are centered on more classic plots which involve possession of main characters by aliens, whether mentally or physically. Other common elements include space explorations including colonization. Most will involve the establishment of alien civilization, the fight of humans and saving of communities. Some works might include time warping in which characters loop along with time.

There are several varied categories into which characters are usually divided. The most common include monsters, aliens, humans and sometimes hybrids or mutations of the three. Other plots may feature computer or artificial intelligence as with cyborgs and robots that resemble or reflect humans.

Authors and storywriters might take the genre as a type of platform which they can use to convey their social critiques. Many of the works may be seen revolving around discussions on human nature, the values practiced by people, their faith and even their reliance to technology. However, there are still some critics that take science fiction as plain social commentary, a kind of genre on its own.

Searching for good sci fi books may turn out challenging especially for parents aiming to get these for their kids. There are a couple of factors that must be considered and one is how mature the recipients are. It might be essential for parents to first scan through the pages of those they want to buy and decide whether or not contents are fitting the knowledge scope of the children.

Parents may also want to consider how sensitive their kids are. Children can be scared by a lot of things and there are actually some who cannot stand even minor negative aspects. Those who are easily frightened or those with the tendency to develop traumas might not do too well with writings about alien attacks.

Parents should decide over how much violence content they think is ok. A lot of sci fi books contain things about aliens, monsters and battles where characters may be killed. Parents should note how much of these things they think are appropriate for their children. It may help to seek the opinions of people who have read the works before.

Seek recommendations from a librarian as well. Although she may not have scanned or read completely the works you are considering, she can tell you about what works are growing in popularity nowadays. She may even recommend you some science fiction books for kids which you may have not known yet.

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