samedi 16 mars 2013

Calling All Family Members For A Classic Portrait

By Don Wong

Things done with our family's help seem easier. It's more fun to celebrate the holidays with them, and it's more reassuring if they're around during difficult times. But not all things are easier to do with the entire family. Shooting a family portrait is one of those things. Although it is fun if everyone gets together, family members typically make up the most animated group, which makes it difficult for a photographer to take their picture. It's important, though, that a family has a portrait every generation because it's considered a valuable heirloom.

Plan it very well, that's the secret to taking a family portrait, particularly if you have a big family. It's vital that the family is complete in the portrait so you would need to notify everyone the schedule ahead of time. If not, some aunts or uncles might not be able to make it in a short time. If there's a family celebration coming up, such as the anniversary or birthday of the head of the family or the grandparents, you can hold the photo session on the same day. Everybody would have made time for the party so there's a big chance that they would be there. And it's also likely that everyone will be in a jovial mood, which is perfect for the photo.

For a Classic family portrait, ask all members to dress in their best suit or dress. You can also ask them for ideas for a themed portrait photography. Perhaps you can all dress up in national costumes or dress in a particular shade. Though there are no rules on what everyone should put on during their portrait photo shoot, a lot of families opt to dress in matching clothes to show that they are united as a family. Besides, dressing up in costume can be fun for the whole family.

Keep in mind that seniors and youngsters will be present so be sure that the setting for the photo shoot, whether it's in a photographer's studio or anywhere else, is comfortable for everyone. To keep everyone looking fresh in the picture, hold the photo shoot first before doing any activity.

Family members have different personalities. And although everyone is dressed in the same way or is told to smile for the camera at the same time, their character will still shine through in the photos. So don't fret if some members didn't smile as impeccably as the others, or some even forgot to do so. After all, a family picture should show the individuality of the members because that's what makes it complete.

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