jeudi 7 mars 2013

Start Your Own Professional Laundromat Services

By Kristen Waller

Nowadays, everyone has become busier than ever. This makes it difficult to do your own laundry at home. For this reason, professional laundromat services los angeles have become a lucrative business. This provides the public with the washers and dryers needed to do the laundry quick and easy. At the same time, other providers also offer some amenities and extra services. If you want to succeed in this enterprise, you have to remember the following guidelines.

Like in any other enterprise, a sound business plan must be in place before starting out. This must include your short and long-term goals, projected expenses and marketing strategies. Do an extensive research and find ways how to make this business a success. Outlining your business operations schemes can also help you identify the gray areas that need to be worked on.

Assess the competition in your area. Needless to say, you have to know what you are getting into before plunging in. You have to make the necessary preparations beforehand. The word of mouth is a very effective tool. When you hear customer complaints on some aspects of a competing facility, use it to your advantage. For example, if they point out the ventilation, equipment and cleanliness of the facility, you may identify their weak spots and avoid committing such mistakes.

Choose which service to specialize. In contrast to common belief, not all laundry facilities are the same. Weigh in what your clients want to decide which niche to target. You may open a laundry service around the clock, boast of an eco-friendly machine or set up an entertainment area with a video game, television and Wi-Fi.

Find a suitable place to set up your laundromat. Be extra careful when choosing the place to operate in. Make sure that it is easily accessible to the general public. Choose a location with wider market and fewer competition. Target a busy neighborhood as they are more likely to need your service. You are more likely to survive the stiff competition if fewer laundromats are operating around.

Secure permits and licenses. You must secure permits to legally operate. Some documentation you have to furnish include the environmental certificate, tax identification numbers and fictitious name certificate among others. Since the process may differ from state to state, you have to contact your local office to inquire about the requisites and procedures in obtaining a license.

Acquire the equipment for the job. When deciding the types and numbers of equipment you need, you must consider the floor area of the facility, your potential clients and the types of services that you offer. At minimum, you will be needing a couple of washing machines and dryers. Installing a change machine is a brilliant idea as well.

Look for the best staff. Anticipate an increase in the demands of your services as your business expands. Since you may not be able to attend to your clients all the time, you can hire an attendant or two. They can man the facility, do the cleaning and help the customers. You may want to employ a security officer if you intend to open the facility for 24 hours.

Promote your business. Print out coupons, fliers and business cards about your professional laundromat services los angeles. Distribute the merchandising printouts to complementary establishments like dry cleaners, landscape service providers and home improvement stores. The cyberspace is a good place to promote your business, too. You can develop your own blog or website.

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