dimanche 24 mars 2013

The Exciting Handyman Stories That Are Told

By Ann Jordan

If someone is looking to have a good laugh they may want to sit down and listen to some of the handyman stories that are circulating around. They are very skilled individuals who can do certain things that the average person can only dream about doing. Unreal situations are just part of their daily life and sometimes they take each incident with a grain of salt.

Cleaning, painting, gardening, electrical work and carpentry are all part of their trade. If someone needs a tool shed to be built than these are your men to hire. Painting a child's bike may also be on the list of things that these individuals can do in no time at all.

There was a skilled laborer sometime ago that was hired to construct a playhouse for a couple in the state of California. When he arrived he headed straight to the backyard without entering the main house for instructions. After the playhouse was in place the man then went back to the main house to collect his pay.

Once he entered the unlocked house he realized that the place was empty since this was a residence that was on the market for sale. This turned out to be an elaborate prank that some of the neighbors had pulled on his company. This tale is quite bizarre and many of these workers have reported details that were even more strange.

A very horny single woman had hired a local worker over to her home to put in cabinets for her bathroom. She insisted that he bring along other men. When the men arrived at her residence she answered the door in her birthday suit. The woman requested that they all come inside to have a small party with her. These eager young men took full advantage of the situation and went inside the house. The bathroom cabinets were never installed.

In this line of work these males come across all kinds of individuals who will use any excuse to invite them over. Florida residents have often heard the tale about the muscle bound university man who earned some extra money from a middle aged couple. The three of them ended up on the living room floor that he recently repaired.

They will often encounter many lonely housewives that require additional services when their husbands are out of town. Many of these men have stated that when they are doing small plumbing jobs they will usually wind up in a lonely woman's bedroom. These women realize that they can receive instant gratification from men who are excellent when it comes to working with their hands.

Sometimes the handyman stories can be quite tragic to hear. A woman and her husband in New York once stated that their worker had made off with very expensive jewelry that could not be replaced. Even though the man was found innocent his career was ruined by the scandal and he could not find work again.

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