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Party Rentals in Dallas Offers Inflatable Water Slide Rentals for Hot Summer Days

By Kim Kelley

Are you searching for some awesome advise for a Dallas inflatable water slide rental?

The prickly summer heat seems to be so consuming in Dallas and other areas nearby. An exhilarating water slide is one of the best ways to cool off in hot weather! Whether you are sliding down a short slide into a pool or perhaps sliding under a spray of water, one thing is certain: water slides are totally fun, fun, fun! Water slides come in all shapes and sizes and are some of the best are inflatables that you can set up at anywhere and anytime for as long as there is a water source nearby.

When the temperature is rising, you can beat the summer heat with inflatable water slide rentals. Why buy a flimsy little slide when you can rent a high quality and safe inflatable water slides? Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, there are many inflatable water slides that come in different shapes and sizes that can suit any type of event. Water slides are so popular these days that has some great suggestions on how to get the most out of your waterslide rental in Dallas.

On your invitations, tell parents to bring swimming gear, towels and a change of clothes. Measure the dimensions of your yard or party space to find the exact size of slide that will work for your space.

Let your child be a part in choosing the particular water slide by providing him some choices. You can select from dual slide or also the smaller versions of the inflatable water slides. There are themed slides meant for smaller parties and also included some pirates or dolphins, to make it more attractive.

Wave Slip n Slide Rental DFW

Aside from the budget and size, safety of the water slide is top priority. As long as you rent it from a reputable party rentals in Dallas, with a proven track record in providing quality and safe inflatables you will do fine. Don't forget to add an additional dose of caution, common sense and adherence to rules of safety, you will be assured of an awesome summer! Here is another tip from Ehow.

Find out the cost of extra warranties or waivers for any wear and tear. Weigh these prices against the cost of replacing or repairing the slide. Ask for details of the water supply and hoses in case you need to supply anything.

Water slide rental should be safe and secure.

Safety is very crucial. Inflatable water slides require 3 things to have an enjoyable and safe activity. Water source, electricity and attendants should all be in the check list.

All three are necessary if you want to use your slide successfully. And water and electricity needs to be closer to the inflatable. But, of course, the right party rental company will walk you through the things you need to get the most out of your equipment.

Water slides also need to be inflated in a flat area with no rocks. And they MUST BE STAKED TO THE GROUND. Many times people choose to rent from the cheapest party rental company. One reason they may be so cheap is that they don't carry insurance. Many of these companies will drop the slide off without staking it down properly or explaining all the safety requirements.

Make the most of summer by having a big splash with your kids, friends and loved ones! With Party Rentals in Dallas, you have a wide selection of inflatable water slides to cool your hot summer days. The Backyard Water Slide is just perfect for any kind of party because it can fit anywhere. If you have a theme party, there are a variety of inflatable water slides to allow everyone to have an amazing time!

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