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Etiquette Tips For Broadway Shows New York City

By Ryan Mitchell

A mature person is the one who is able to maintain a high-level discipline at all places. When attending Broadway Shows New York City, most shows are usually sold out due to the high demand for the shows. In a place where there is a lot of people, one needs to conduct himself or herself in a mature manner to avoid conflicting with others. The Broadways performances are more silent than normal movie theaters and it is important that in anything you do, the silence should be observed.

The most disregarded rule by most show lovers is switching off the phone. It should be the first thing that an individual needs to do when you get to the venue. This is because when the show is in progress the ringing sounds of the phone in the room can be very distractive. In the extremely quiet environment, the ringing tone could distract the whole arena. It is very disrespectful to distract the performers who put so much energy rehearsing the plays to entertain you. Switching off the phone ensures such distractions do not happen.

It is most theaters in Broadway, the rooms are darkened and only the stage is lit. Its advisable not to text during this show because the lighting from your cell phone can be distracting to the attendants of the show. Interfering with the set mood kills the fun of the performance because the audience will keep turning to see who is causing the distraction.

Eating before the show commences is very important. Broadway Shows are not like the movie theaters where you can carry popcorns and crisps to munch while watching. An individual needs to eat before the show commences or wait for the break if the desire to munch on something becomes too much. Munching during the show can be irritating to your neighbor.

A Broadway theater is usually very quiet, the talking is left to the performers. It is, therefore, advisable that a person refrains from talking as the show progresses. Occasional whispering can be tolerated but the making loud comments are disturbing to the people in attendance. One should let the other people enjoy what they came to see.

In case it is a musical, it is advisable not to sing along to the music. Its important to respect your fellow audience members who have paid a lot of money to come to see the show. Singing along to the musical will distract other audience members.

Many people are confused about what to wear during opening nights. These shows are meant for people to enjoy themselves and the dress code is not strict. Casual wear will just do it for you. However, the air conditioning could get cold hence, it is advisable to bring along a jacket.

For big shows, the arena could be sold out. This limits the movement of people in the hall. Its important that you are mindful of the space of your neighbor. Avoid leaning on them, hogging their armrest, among other things that might be annoying.

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