jeudi 12 mai 2016

The Essence Of CPR Training

By Catherine Powell

It is important to have some basic first aid training. This comes in handy during situations when accidents happen and people get hurt. It helps to have at least one person who is qualified to give first aid, as this could be the difference between life and death. It is essential to have more people learning this important skill to make Dallas TX a safer place. CPR training is especially important because it saves lives if issued early.

A number of accidents can stop the breathing or heartbeat of a person such as chocking and drowning. If oxygen is not circulated around the body and the brain, death is imminent in a matter of minutes. Brain damage first occurs after about four to six minutes. Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation helps to keep oxygen in circulation manually until medical help arrives. This helps to supply the brain with oxygen to prevent permanent damage. If one eventually recovers but is brain dead, they enter into a vegetative state.

Once one has realized that an accident victim is not responsive or breathing, they should start Cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately to maintain some blood circulation to the brain. This can also restart rhythmic heartbeats in some cases if done correctly. This should be continued until first responders arrive on the scene. First aid follows simple rules and instructions easy enough to learn and master effectively.

This is the sole reason why it is highly encouraged to have more and more people getting into training programs that offer such first aid lessons. It would be quote fulfilling if one were able to save a loved one or neighbor. Saving the life of a stranger who would otherwise have died is not a small feat. It is estimated that one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand lives would be saved annually if CPR were administered in time.

Accidents happen at anytime from swimming in a pool to an accident on the road. Incidents like chocking can happen at home or at a popular restaurant while electrocution can also occur anywhere with electricity. These accidents are not privy to only a select few in the society but can happen to anyone. Today, cardiac arrests are attacking younger generations due to poor lifestyle choices and diet.

There is a simple procedure for responding to accidents and other medical emergencies. If a victim is unresponsive or unconscious, immediately call for help. Look for a pulse and check if they are breathing. Start CPR immediately until help arrives. Make sure to clear the airway of the victim first to allow breathing.

Recent studies have shown that CPR is highly effective in children and adolescents suffering from non-traumatic arrests. Many patients that suffer heart attacks outside of a hospital have higher chances of survival only if a bystander administers first aid. Unfortunately, since most people are untrained in these procedures, only a few of these individuals receive such help.

First aid is offered by many health organizations such as American Red Cross. Here, one can receive extensive training plus instructions on how to give other basic first aid assistance where applicable. A few sessions can save a life.

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