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The Different Oil Painting Techniques

By Scott Miller

There is a lot of beauty in art. Luckily, this can be expressed through oil painting techniques among other means. This involves putting life in picture form. For an individual to produce something worthwhile, they will have to work with different colors and brushes. It is also important to be aware of different tricks to use to come up with this art.

The final work tends to represent something about the individual. An individual who is passionate about nature may show different types of animals that they have come across. One piece may show the ferocity of the king of the jungle. Another may portray the beauty and grace of a gazelle. The images of various landscapes can also be brought to life using this method.

One popular method is the still life technique. This is when an artist decides to paint a simple image such as a flower or vase. The skills of a painter are clearly shown in this method. More so because of the simplicity involved. Artists need to play around with lighting and shadows to create different effects. A lot can be brought out in these images if everything is handled right.

This can be tricky when an individual has to sit in one spot for this to happen. Luckily, this is not the only way that such images can be made. A client can bring their favorite photos with them and ask the painter to try to come up with that. These experts are ready for any challenge as this is the only way they can get better at what they do.

There are different types of oils that are used for this. They have different drying times. One may have to wait for the paint to dry so that they can manipulate the image to their satisfaction. Any expert knows that before they start working, they need to place all the tools they will use close to them. Techniques that are used include color blocking.

Different shades of a color are often used for this. Blocking is essential for defining the edges of an item. The paint on the brushes is diluted to come up with differing shades. An artist may be interested in showing the transparency of an item. In this case, they will work with transparent and opaque colors. The mix of these two colors leads to a perfect look.

The best pieces of work have different colors. Not every individual can bring this mixture to perfection especially when using multiple colors. Before placing layers on top of each other, they should get a chance to dry. Light colors are first used. They are often made of thin oils. Later on darker colors that are thicker are then involved.

For the painting to look modern and unique, it is possible to bring a three dimensional feel into it. This is done through bringing a contrast when working with the colors. Brush strokes define the shape of and object and its volume. Artists should use their brushes like they would a pencil if they were drawing. A variety of colors should be put to use, just as one would use various colored pencils.

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