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For Good Sod Installation Jupiter FL Is Worth Checking Out

By Barbara Wagner

Modern societies continue to find more uses for sod. Thousands of acres are currently under sod grass in the United States because of demand that grows every day. Both domestic and commercial users continue to buy and install this product in large quantities. It takes some skills to be able to install the product properly on a piece of land. That is why whenever in need of sod installation Jupiter FL ought to be the first place to visit.

Sod installation involves a series of steps that happen in a precise sequence. The quality of the end job relies on the way the site was prepared. Because turf is selective on the kind of soil it thrives, the soil may need to be tested first. If it not good enough, it may be necessary to add top soil.

Site preparation should start with removal of all debris and other solid materials that are 2-3 inches large in diameter. Such material may include wood, bricks, rocks, stumps, and rocks. The site should then be rough-graded to avoid drainage problems. High-rising and low-lying areas have to be leveled. The grade should be sloped away from building foundations.

Grading can be done using tractor-mounted equipment or with hand-held tools. The soil should then be sprayed with appropriate herbicides and fertilizer. Herbicides kills weed seeds that would otherwise have started germinating immediately after installing the grass. Top soil must be added to a depth of 15 centimeters after the surface has been firmed. Top soil should be clay loam, loam, sandy clay loam, loamy sand, sandy loam of any other kind of suitable soil.

Acidity and alkalinity of the soil should be correct. Taking pH measurement is the best way of knowing the suitability of the soil. Soils that are too acidic can be neutralized by adding lime while those that are too alkaline can be boosted by adding gypsum or sulfur. The suitable range of pH value on the scale is between 6.2 and 7.2. The supplier of turf and local soil experts can be consulted concerning the issue of soil suitability.

One must take the exact measurements of the region that needs to be installed first. These measurements help avoid ordering excess or little turf. The sketch of the lawn should be made revealing the exact measurements across the length and breadth. The sketch should include all man-made and natural features within the area.

Delivery should only be made after all necessary preparations have been made. It is often recommendable to have the turf installed the same day it is delivered. This gives vigor to its beginning. When installing, all areas must be covered without leaving patches. The installation should happen across the longest length of the area.

Water should be applied after thirty minutes of installation. Survival of planted grass depends on presence of moisture and contact with soil. One should avoid walking on the lawn after it has been installed. Left stacks have to be stored in a cool place.

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