dimanche 8 mai 2016

Top Tips On Shopping For A One Of A Kind Bandage Dress

By Ann Smith

Bandage dresses, with their simple yet elegant style make a great statement and are flattering and easy to wear. Many people appreciate the unique lines and shape of this type of dress and best of all it needs little embellishment to make a splash. To follow are some tips to help you to find a one of a kind bandage dress.

One of the great aspects of this item is its relatively simple design which provides great possibility for embellishment. You can experiment with different fabrics and accents to make the dress memorable and one of a kind. To follow are some suggestions for how to get that original and unique look.

Among the most popular choices is fabric with a slight sheen. This is a great way to achieve a festive or glamorous look. It is a popular choice for formal events and can bring a sense of dazzle and fun to the evening.

You can also achieve a very elegant and refined look with this style of dress. This is easily achieved by choosing a fabric that is more subtle. For example, a soft color such as light grey or mauve can transform the look.

Although many bandage dresses have short sleeves, there are lots of ways to get extra warmth. For example, boleros, shrugs or cardigans are popular accessories which can give the look more versatility. This can make the style appropriate for a variety of seasons and occasions.

Many garments in this style are short sleeved but it is easy to create a warmer option simply by using a shrug, cardigan or wrap. It makes a great accessory for this dress which can make it practical for a variety of seasons. For added sparkle, try a knitted wrap or bolero which has sequins or beads.

If you are seeking a very unique item, you may wish to shop with an independent designer. A design boutique may feature a variety of one of a kind garments to create a very original statement. It may also be possible to have an item custom designed for you. This gives you the chance to have a hand in choosing fabrics and colors. Furthermore, there are lots of ways to get a very personal look through accessories. For example, adding a bolero or shrug with sequins or beading can give extra sparkle. Your choice of shoes and handbag can also personalize the look.

For further information on this topic, there are many resources on offer which are low cost or free. For example, many fashion publications regularly provide articles and profiles on designers and brands. They may also give you some tips for how to wear this type of dress and where to buy. In addition, online there are countless blogs and sites which are dedicated to the topic of fashion. They often include lots of photographs and suggestions for style inspiration. The chance to do research is not only a great tool for finding a good deal, it can be lots of fun.

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