mardi 31 mai 2016

Faux Fur Throw A Gorgeous And Practical Coverlet

By Jose Morris

There are very few things which are as soft, warm or pretty as fur. Since humans first learned to hunt they have used animal pelts to keep warm in the cold winter months. This versatile material has been used for blankets and clothing for thousands of years. Modern materials have now replaced animal hides and a faux fur throw is a beautiful practical alternative.

Many wild cats, bears and other mammals are now endangered with very few breeding in the wild or zoos. Hunting animals for their pelts is abhorrent to a lot of people and owning a real blanket or garment made of fur is frowned upon in most societies. Thankfully, the modern fibers available can recreate the numerous colors and textures without the need for hunting or farming these beautiful creatures for their hides.

Whether you prefer the pure beauty of polar white or the funky style of a leopard print, imitation fur can look and feel just as good as the real thing. Synthetic fibers emulate the natural hair and create the same amount of warmth with the same soft feel. Such a fabric can be used to cover a couch to make it warm and snuggly in wintertime. While cord is hard-wearing, it does not invite you to cuddle up, the same way as leather is practical but not as soft as a furry blanket.

Nature gives us a huge variety of furs from the lush colorings of a tiger to the pearly beauty of a chinchilla; however technology can give us an even greater range. Choose to match your furry comforter to your drapery and you might find that blue tigers do not exist but you can get what you want with an imitation fabric. There are companies who have extensive ranges of styles, sizes and colors to meet your every need. You could even get a small version to match to keep your four-legged friends warm and cozy too.

By searching the World Wide Web you can easily get a feel for the amount of variety on offer and the prices you are likely to pay. Check to see if the company is based overseas as this will affect shipping costs. Standard king, queen and single sized blankets are easily found; also bespoke sizes can be ordered from many of the companies online so you can exactly match your needs.

Most of the coverlets are backed with a different material than the furry front. There are lots of options to choose from and it is worth taking a little time to think about how you will be using your coverlet. Satin or silk backing may slide off leather while a more durable suede-like fabric is more appropriate for pet bedding.

For the ultimate in luxury you might choose a coverlet which is double-sided. You may choose two different types of fabric if you are having it made especially for you. The manufacturer should be able to advise you on suitable pairings. Do not forget that like the real thing, the weight of the fabric is quite considerable and doubling up will result in a very heavy item.

Looking after your purchase can normally be easily achieved with dry cleaning or by gentle hand wash. The supplier normally provides care instructions which reflect the exact item you have bought. If you are planning on using your purchase for pet bedding then it is worth picking one that is easy to wash in a machine using a gentle setting such as the wool cycle.

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