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Faux Fur Pillows Give Spaces A Little Fun

By Michelle Lee

Adding is little flair to a new or used space is easier than what the average person may think. Often monotonous colors can be dreadful to look at day after day but often the average person may not know where to start in terms of simple decorating techniques. Sometimes it might be good idea to start small such as adding a colorful area rug or faux fur pillows.

Adding these is often the ideal solution for those who want to add something special in little time or with just a few dollars. The good thing about using these is that they move around easily and the cleaning can normally be done at home, either by hand or machine washer. There are also many colors and pattern that can easily fit into any theme.

Some people like to stick with minimal or simple design that has a lot of space with simple lines or curvatures. Adding bright hued details, like magenta or neon green, as a way to break up monochromatic colors is one solutions to make a room a little more vibrant. Rooms that have a lot of color may want to try a monochrome or neutral shade as contrast, or as a way to pick up another color in the room.

Earth tones may be complemented with animal prints or abstract patterns found on pillows or area rugs. Even themes, such as folk or vintage, which may not normally use a furry pillow, may find it to be a good companion to a room. When it comes to decorating fun, experimentation is always welcome.

Coordinating sets of decorative pillows or and rug combination are some of the easiest ways to create a unique look for any space. These come in colors and patterns that create a little excitement to rooms that lack color. Often the care for these is basic but for longer use, using a professional cleaner cannot hurt.

People who are not into decor may want to consider a happy medium by choosing items that also serve a purpose. These are intended for daily use so dry cleaning may not be necessary. Going with an area rug that nearly covers a floor makes it easy on hardwood flooring or reduces the time that a carpet will need cleaning.

Faux fur comes in a lot of colors and there are pillow sizes and shapes for just about every need. Body or contour pillows are great for taking a short nap. Upright pillows support the back while reading or watching TV. There also floor pillows that can be used for decoration or to use leisurely in a number of colors and patterns that complement any decor.

There are no defined rules when it comes to creating a personalized space. Sometimes the key is to start small and build on colors or patterns accordingly. Decorative or throw pillows are often the beginning and there are many colors and styles that can bring life into any space. It is just a matter of making a room more comfortable.

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