lundi 10 octobre 2016

Before You Call Pest Control Jensen Beach

By Carol Ellis

There are places in the world that are common areas of human activity that can be infested in the future by all manners and kinds of pests. These places are of course houses and offices. Before you do call a pest control Jensen Beach specialist there are some things you can do first. This article will help you, whether or not you live in Jensen Beach, FL, prepare a simple checklist that will forego your next call to the pest control people.

In your checklist for pest prevention you should have some pest control actions that you yourself can do to prevent a major swarm or infestation later on. These actions are fairly easy to do and all it takes is some personal discipline and drive to do these things regularly.

It is very important that you get rid of clutter first. Cluttered areas invite many sorts of pests to make their homes in and breed. Most likely the cluttered areas in your house or office will be storage areas and places where people do not often go to.

A very simple but very effective step in having a good prevention plan is to change your eating habits. You should only eat in places where you are supposed to eat, in this case only the kitchen. Avoid eating in other areas of the house or office to prevent food crumbs and particles from being scattered which will attract pests in the long run.

Always take out the trash and garbage on time every time. May of us do not like this kind of activity and wait till the last minute or wait for someone else to do it. This is especially true if talking of food trash, which attracts all manners and kinds of uninvited guests. This is a job that you have to set your mind to doing religiously.

If you do see some pests you can try your hand at getting rid of them yourself. In the case of rats it is best that you do not use any poisons or tracking powders. For although effective, poisons will make rodents die in places you would not even think of and their rotting carcasses can stink up your place for days on end. It is best to find an alternate way to get rid of rodents.

Electric traps are a good alternative to poison, as well as snap traps or glue traps. These sort of traps are good for low pest populations, but it will be another matter if there is quite a sizeable swarm or horde of pests. For this it is the time that you really should call in an exterminator.

When you do call in an exterminator, prepare to evacuate the premises for one or two days. This is since the premises will be full of poisons that are harmful to humans as well.

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